In typical fashion, Galaxy of Heroes managed to screw up the announcement of their most-anticipated character ever

One of the most stunningly shortsighted aspects of the popular mobile game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is the fact that nearly five years in, there’s still not a single Jedi Luke Skywalker in the game.

That’s right – there’s not a Jedi Luke in this incredibly successful game despite it going on for five years! He has been the most heavily-anticipated and frequently-requested character in this game’s history, and on Friday a puzzle revealed a trailer that confirms that finally, Jedi Luke is coming:

But in typical CG fashion, they managed to screw it up – which is really hard to do when announcing this fan-favorite character! All you need to do is take a look at the dislikes to that Youtube video and you’ll see all you need to know: people are not happy. But why? There are several reasons why this is such a laughably bad release.

  • This is their first communication in what feels like forever. The past week has been maybe the worst in history for SWGOH, and that’s saying a lot. They inexplicably banned a popular Youtuber who covers the game and evidence came out that SWGOH is intentionally allowing cheaters to go unpunished. Furthermore, the Road Ahead was delayed for a month (and should be coming in June), and the content is nonexistant and this game feels as dead as ever. But there’s zero acknowledgement of any of that. Instead, they simply just released a puzzle and ignored everything, hoping that this announcement would drown out all of that negativity. For this to be their first communication despite all that’s going on is insultingly tone-deaf. There are few bad times to announce that Jedi Luke is coming… and CG managed to pick just about the worst one. Classic.
  • There’s no communication after the announcement either. For a while, it has been assumed (and even kinda acknowledged) that Jedi Luke coming to SWGOH would mark the end-game – meaning that the game won’t last a whole lot longer. Given that, it’s pretty reasonable for people to be wondering whether the game is actually ending soon. So much of the comments and chat and discussion around this announcement has been about that, but instead of acknowledging any of that, there’s radio silence – with just the statement that there will be more information about Jedi Luke coming on Monday. I don’t know about you, but after such a bad week for the game, to make this announcement and then leave your players wondering all weekend whether this game is actually ending soon seems like the definition of mismanagement.
  • The last thing this game needs is another paywall character. The Galactic Legend releases of Rey and Kylo Ren were by far the most exhausting and difficult unlocks, and it’s been a LONG time since free-to-play players were thrown a bone. So for the first major announcement since those two to be this, which figures to be a big paywall (because it’s Jedi Luke, after all)… that’s ugly. I’m hoping there’s going to be some sort of Death Star raid with Luke as the reward, because that’s about the only way I could get behind this at this point.
  • This feels like CG trying to make us forget why we’re angry. Like I’ve mentioned already, this has been a really bad week for the game, and this move just feels like they’re releasing this and trying to make their players forget about how bad they are at their job. And when it’s so clearly a misdirection, I don’t think many people are going to like it.

So, yeah. I’ve been waiting for years for Jedi Luke to come, but after hearing this announcement tonight, it’s really hard to muster up any sort of excitement. And that might be the most damning indictment of them all for CG.

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