Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian: Episode 6 review: A glimpse at the process of making the show

I’m a bit late on getting this article published, but episode six of the behind-the-scenes documentary of the making of The Mandalorian really focuses on the process of bringing the first ever live-action Star Wars show to life.

Following a similar format as previous episodes, this one features interviews with some of the executives working on the show, as well as the directors. Through it, we are walked through how they brought the episodes to life, and it is fascinating to see them use so much previs and technology to essentially allow the directors to see the episodes before filming.

Much of the episode focuses on this technology, which helps us see just how valuable Dave Filoni’s experience with animation was in working on this show. They didn’t just storyboard the episodes but actually used previs to see it and bring it to life. In fact, one interesting tidbit mentioned in the episode was about how Rick Famuyiwa used this to create the fight scene between Mando and the New Republic security droids in episode six. He used this to create and see the fight before filming it, and based on how well this worked out, Jon Favreau revealed that they’re actually this for all of the fight sequences in season two.

One other interesting note that came about was that Favreau discussed how his aim on this show was to be influenced by the films that influenced Star Wars, like the Samurai films, Kurosawa, etc. – and then keeping that in-line with Star Wars’ own legacy too.

It felt to me like this episode was the most technical, but it really gave a behind-the-scenes look at how they developed this show and the process they took. It wasn’t my favorite episode by any means, but it was still fascinating.

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