The Mandalorian gave us important context about Willrow Hood

In The Empire Strikes Back, as the Empire takes over Cloud City and Lando Calrissian orders the people to evacuate, there’s a character seen briefly running. In typical Star Wars fashion, this guy became the focus of a lot of attention.

He’s been named Willrow Hood, and he has garnered a following amongst Star Wars fans mainly because of what he’s carrying: something that looks a lot like an ice cream maker!

Here’s a look:

It’s kind of a humorous thing, as this guy looks to just be carrying an ice cream maker as he evacuates Bespin, but The Mandalorian season one revealed exactly what this is.

It’s a camtono.

That’s the name given to it by Jon Favreau, Dave Filoni, and their team on the show, and it is revealed that a camtono is something used to store valuable resources or possessions. In the show, when the Mandalorian brings in the very valuable target for his client (played by Werner Herzog), he is rewarded with a camtono full of beskar.

So basically, The Mandalorian revealed that the camtono is something that people apparently use to store valuable things, which is why the beskar is kept in it. And so that gives us a better idea of what Willrow Hood was up to: he wasn’t carrying an ice cream maker but was actually carrying something that’s essentially like a portable safe, probably containing many of his valuables.

That’s a pretty cool little tidbit, and I love how the show pulled in obscure references from all over the place (including the Holiday Special!). It’s not at all distracting for those who don’t follow it as closely as we do, but it’s rewarding for those of us who do. And it’s a fun little connection to Empire.

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