Katee Sackhoff to reportedly reprise role of Bo-Katan Kryze in The Mandalorian!

News about the cast of The Mandalorian season two continues to leak, as today Slashfilm’s Peter Sciretta reported that Katee Sackhof will be portraying Bo-Katan Kryze in the live-action series!

Sackhoff is quite familiar with the character, as she brought Bo-Katan to life by voicing her in both The Clone Wars and Rebels. Most recently, she returned to voice the character in the final season of The Clone Wars, appearing in four episodes and playing a pivotal role in the climactic Siege of Mandalore arc. She has live-action acting experience too, most notably in the 2004 Battlestar Galactica series as Kara Thrace.

This is just the latest in a number of reports about The Mandalorian season two, as previously it was reported that Ahsoka Tano (played by Rosario Dawson) and Boba Fett (played by Temuera Morrison) will both appear this season, and it’s possible (though not reported or confirmed) that someone like Rex could as well, as well as possibly Sabine Wren. And now, Bo-Katan Kryze, played by Katee Sackhoff.

Previous reports have suggested that the appearances of Tano and Fett will be pretty brief, so it remains to be seen actually how much Bo-Katan will be in this show. But it does seem natural that she would appear, and not just because she’s a prominent Mandalorian. In Star Wars Rebels, the last we saw of her was receiving the darksaber from Sabine Wren and intending to try to unite Mandalore. But, of course, by the events of The Mandalorian, Moff Gideon has the darksaber. So what happened to Bo-Katan? We know that the purge happened, and so that’s presumably when Gideon received the darksaber.

It’s possible that Bo-Katan’s appearance could simply be a flashback showing how Gideon received the darksaber, but I’m guessing she could actually appear. That would be pretty cool, and I’m really glad that it will be Sackhoff continuing to play the character (but it once again reinforces my disappointment that Ashley Eckstein doesn’t appear to be involved with Ahsoka).

The Mandalorian season two has already filmed, so Sackhoff has apparently already filmed her scenes. We’ll have to wait to see it until this fall, but it’s sounding like there will be a lot of notable characters making appearances!

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