Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures returns for a second season!

In an exciting bit of news, Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures is returning with a second season!

You can watch the trailer for the second season of the animated shorts here:

Galaxy of Adventures is a series of animated shorts (each around a minute long) that use music, voice lines, and other sound effects from the films to bring beloved Star Wars scenes to life in a new format. Previously, these videos have adapted (either directly or loosely) stuff we’ve already seen, and they’ve been incredible – but it sounds like season two might tell some brand new stories too!

James Waugh, VP of the Lucasfilm story group, told Yahoo recently that some of the shorts will explore stories in-between The Force Awakens and The Rise of Skywalker. “One of the things that’s special about the new trilogy is the camaraderie between the characters,” Waugh said. “So one episode features a mission where they have to steal a data disk from the First Order, and you get to see Rey, Poe, Finn and BB-8 all work together. It’s mostly visual storytelling, but you see the playfulness of them together.”

This obviously includes stories about Rey, Poe, and Finn, but it will also include Rose – and, of course, General Leia Organa. Waugh said there is an episode that gives Leia the spotlight, which I really can’t wait to see. The trailer showed a scene of Rey training with Leia, which I am really looking forward to.

I love these animated shorts, and I think it’s great that they’ll both continue to adapt beloved scenes from the films and tell brand new stories through this medium.

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