Project Luminous to explore the High Republic era of Star Wars!

We now officially have details about what Project Luminous is!

Announced tonight, Project Luminous is a publishing initiative that is going to explore the High Republic era of Star Wars. This era is set 200 years before the events of the prequel trilogy.

The stories will begin this August, with the first novel releasing on August 25, called “Light of the Jedi” and written by Charles Soule! In addition to Soule, Claudia Gray, Justina Ireland, Daniel José Older, and Cavan Scott are on-board to tell stories.

The High Republic is a time of expansion for the galaxy, with new hyperspace routes expanding the known galaxy even further. It is a time of peace for the Jedias they serve as guardians, and the Jedi of this time period are described being the “Jedi Knights of the Round Table”. The stories begin with a great tragedy that scares the Jedi., and they wind up facing an enemy called the Nihil, which are basically space vikings and are meant to be very different from the Empire or First Order.

You can check out an awesome video that was shown at the press conference explaining this era a bit here, courtesy of Jordie Poblete:

This shouldn’t be surprising, since this was reported by Making Star Wars a month ago, and since we’ve seen the term show up in the last year – all by Project Luminous authors. The term has only appeared in Dooku: Jedi Lost (by Cavan Scott), The Rise of Kylo Ren (by Charles Soule), and in the re-booted Star Wars comic line (by Charles Soule). Though the marketing for it has been a bit strange, including the late press conference that’s not even being live-streamed starting even later, it’s nice to have official details about this exciting new initiative!

I’ll break down more of what we learned tomorrow and in the coming days, but I’m totally on board with this project! I can’t wait!

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