Star Wars Resistance: “Kaz’s Curse” review

Star Wars Resistance recently returned with the tenth episode of season two, entitled “Kaz’s Curse.” Let’s dive in to our weekly review!


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While on the Colossus, Kaz plays some of the pirates in a game and keeps winning. One of the pirates in particular gets fed up with it and places a curse on Kaz. He thinks nothing of it, but Neeku is terrified that Kaz is cursed. Strange things keep happening that feed into Neeku’s fears, but Kaz doesn’t buy it.

Meanwhile, Captain Doza and Jarek Yeager send out Kaz, Torra, and Hype out to scout an asteroid field. The Colossus is heading through the asteroid field in an attempt to leave the space controlled by the Guavian Death Gang as soon as possible, but Doza and Yeager want the Aces to make sure there are no Guavian scouts. While out on this reconnaissance mission, however, Kaz begins having trouble with the Fireball. He spots a Guavian scout ship, but he’s unable to stop them due to these problems. The ship gets away, so the Colossus knows they’ve been spotted.

Kaz finally believes that he’s cursed, so he visits the pirate and insists he remove the curse. Instead, the pirate gives Kaz another curse. By this time, people on the station know of this curse and are avoiding Kaz, so he heads to Mika Grey. She explains that the curse might just be real because Kaz believes it’s real, but she gives him an artifact that might be able to make him comfortable again. As they are speaking, the Colossus is attacked by the Guavians.

The Guavians demand a huge payment, threatening to turn everyone on the station over to the First Order if the ransom isn’t paid. Doza instead launches the Aces to defend the Colossus, and Kaz rushes to join them in action – accidentally and unknowingly leaving the artifact behind. Kaz flies the Fireball into action and has success, concluding that he no longer is cursed… before he realizes that he lost the artifact. By this time he knows that he’s no longer cursed, though, and he aids the Aces in repelling the Guavians long enough for the Colossus to clear the asteroid field and jump to hyperspace.

Back on the Colossus, Kaz gives the artifact to the pirate, making him think that it is cursed and sending him and others into a panic as Kaz walks away.


Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 10.54.26 PM

I’ll be honest: this season of Star Wars Resistance has been pretty disappointing so far, and this episode just continued that. I was excited to see the Guavian Death Gang show up, but they really didn’t have a huge presence and never really presented a real threat. I thought it was a missed opportunity.

The main plot of this episode was Kaz’s “curse”, but early on everything that was attributed to a “curse” was actually just… normal Kaz? The writers of the show have reverted Kaz to his early season one self recently, showing him as just this clumsy guy there for laughs, and so because of that the whole “curse” thing in this episode didn’t exactly land like it probably should have. So I wondered whether the writers wanted us to know that there wasn’t actually a curse… but then Kaz’s technology began acting up too, including his ship. I just didn’t think it was as effective since they’ve seemed to resort to Kaz being clumsy a bit too much recently.

But like I said, I think that might have been a bit of the point here anyway, because the takeaway that Mika Grey left with Kaz was basically that the curse was real because he believed it was. So what Kaz had to do was simply believe that the curse wasn’t real, and it wouldn’t be. Which, of course, means that he wasn’t actually cursed but simply that Neeku (and eventually Kaz too) came to interpret everything by the belief that he was. So with that in mind, I guess it works that Kaz was basically the same he’s always been.

It was quite satisfying to see Kaz break this “curse” as he flew to aid the Aces, and like I’ve often said, flying is the one thing that this show has always made Kaz great at, and I love it when he gets the chance to fly and show it off. He clearly helps turn the tide of the battle and helps the Aces and the Colossus, and I thought that was pretty cool and satisfying (especially since in his previous flying experience in the episode, he failed!).

It’s been pretty disappointing to me how many of the episodes don’t actually play into a huge season-long storyline, but I am fine with a series that does something like an “adventure of the week” format – like The Clone Wars did, for instance (though that was often broken up into episode arcs too). But when that’s the format, I still think those episodes should be fun adventures that stand on their own.

With this episode, though? Not only did it really feel insignificant to everything else going on (probably as much as any episode of this show has), but the adventure of this week wasn’t even all that entertaining in the first place. It’s ok… but it seems that quite a few episodes recently have been just “ok”. I’m hoping it picks up soon.

My grade: 6.5/10


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