Breaking down the second trailer for The Mandalorian!

Earlier this week, we got a brand new trailer for The Mandalorian, which will premiere in less than two weeks on Disney+!

The trailer doesn’t really contain much new story-wise, as it continues to be just a series of cool-looking shots spliced together that don’t tell us a whole lot, but as has been evident all along, this show looks amazing. From the visuals to the effects to the cinematography, everything about this feels and looks just like a major film project, and I can’t wait to watch it!

Though this trailer doesn’t really tell us a whole lot, let’s break things down and do a bit of speculating in the process.

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The trailer begins with some shots we have seen before: of stormtrooper helmets sitting in sand with the Mandalorian walking by, and then stormtrooper helmets impaled on spikes sticking in the ground. I think that the main thing about these shots is building the culture in which this show takes place. This is obviously after the fall of the Empire, chaos reigns, and in these outer parts of the galaxy the remnants of the Empire’s tyrannical reign still are present. But make no mistake: the Empire is dead.

While we see these shots, we hear Werner Herzog’s character asking, “Is the world more peaceful since the revolution?” Presumably, he’s speaking about whether things are more peaceful since the Rebellion against the Empire, but I think it’s curious that he says “world” rather than “galaxy”… so perhaps he has a singular planet in mind? More context is needed in order to tell for sure.

Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 9.22.13 PM

Next we get a shot of a couple of riders on Blurrgs, riding along the edge of a cliff. I love all the interconnectivity of this show from what we’ve seen so far, as it really seems like this show will incorporate all eras and aspects of Star Wars storytelling – something that I’m sure having Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau working together certainly helps with.

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The Mandalorian stands in a cavern (that looks like it could be at the same location as the previous shot, but I’m not sure), standing still with his hand resting on his blaster, before he suddenly spins and fires. Two Trandoshans appear and begin fighting the Mandalorian (something we had seen in a previously released image), and the Mando quickly gains the upper hand by using his rifle as a sort of electro staff to stun one of the Trandoshans. So that’s pretty interesting, showing us what this weapon he carries around can actually do. And I think it’s exciting to see Trandoshans again, presumably working against the Mandalorian and hunting him?

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Next up we get some quick shots of people frozen in carbonite. What is really easy to miss is the very brief shot (glimpsed in the first image) of a person actually being frozen in carbonite! You can make out the top of his head, can see ever so slightly that he’s moving, and you see the freezing process taking place. It seems that the Mandalorian has this carbon freezing chamber on board his ship, the Razor Crest, and this seems to be his way of transporting his bounties. The next shot is one we’ve seen before, of a person frozen in carbonite – the first in what looks like a long line of such people. And then the third shot actually appears after a couple of different ones, but it’s connected with this carbon freezing, as we see three carbonite blocks already unloaded, one being brought down the ramp, and more still in the cargo hold.

I think it would be pretty cool if we learn that Boba Fett started something amongst bounty hunters, proving that it was possible to carbon freeze bounties and transport them safely – without the added hassle of them trying to fight back, while still keeping them alive.

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These two shots are of the Razor Crest, and there’s nothing much to note here. We’ve already seen the shot of the ship flying over this lush green world, and then the other shot is of the ship emerging from hyperspace.

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The Mandalorian arrives on some world, and it looks like the same one where they’re unloading these bounties at. He then enters a cantina with plenty of aliens. Based on the footage that screened at Celebration of the Mandalorian meeting with Greef Carga at a cantina-like location to get his next job(s), I wonder if this is the Mandalorian arriving to collect on these completed bounties (who are encased in carbonite) and to take on new ones.

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If that’s the case, then this leads him right to Herzog’s character, who is the one offering the bounty that seems to propel the plot of the show forward (and it’s very secretive). A door opens, revealing stormtroopers, and then we get our only glimpse of Herzog’s character in this trailer, though we’ve heard a lot from him.

In fact, throughout the trailer up to this point we have heard a spread out voiceover from Herzog saying, “It is a shame that your people suffered. But bounty hunting is a complicated profession. They said you were coming. They said you were the best in the parsec. Would you agree?”

I’m not sure that all of that goes together (that is, I’m not sure it flows just like that), but I think there are a couple of things to note from this dialogue. Firstly, Herzog says that it’s a shame your people suffered, and I think he’s talking to the Mandalorian here. So is he actually referencing what happened to Mandalore? We know that they were under Imperial rule, and I would guess the Empire didn’t react too kindly to the events on Mandalore in Star Wars Rebels. And even before that, we know that Mandalore was a focal point during The Clone Wars, too. I really hope that this show will delve into Mandalore, and I wonder if this line hints at that a bit by alluding to their suffering. Secondly, Herzog acknowledges that he heard the Mandalorian was coming and that he is the best bounty hunter in the parsec, presumably from Carga. This is probably from when the Mandalorian first meets Herzog’s character to take on this bounty.

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After this we get a glimpse of the Mandalorian standing as a door slides open, and then the next shot is of him proceeding outside through a door – and right into an epic battle sequence. There are stormtroopers engaged in some sort of fight, and the Mandalorian charges out and quickly dispatches of one stormtrooper by blasting him in the head, and then he takes out another one by kicking him before then firing at something offscreen. We see that the Mandalorian is followed out the door by Carga.

So it is evident from what we have seen of this show so far that there is still very much a stormtrooper presence even though the Empire has fallen. It seems they are under the command of Moff Gideon (more on him a bit later), but also working closely with Herzog’s character? Whatever their allegiance, it doesn’t look like the Mandalorian has any problem fighting them.

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These shots are the most interesting in the trailer for me. First, we see a little child, and then in a later shot we see what looks like it might be that same child picked up by what is presumably his parents. But notice that in the second image there’s a familiar ship flying overhead: what looks like an HMP Droid Gunship! These ships were used by the Separatists during the Clone Wars, and there’s one flying overhead with smoke rising in this shot. And then look at the next shot, of the family running away, and notice that in the background there are B2 Super Battle Droids! These droids have glowing red eyes unlike the ones we have seen previously in the Clone Wars, but just like the ones we glimpsed in the season two trailer for Star Wars Resistance.

So all things considered, I don’t know what’s going on here. However, I’ll make a guess: this could be a flashback. Herzog’s character alluded to the suffering of the Mandalorian’s people, and so I think it would be cool to flash back to the Mandalorian’s childhood (could he be this little boy?) and show how much he and his people suffered, setting up his character as we move forward in the show. In fact, this could be a good thing for the first episode… which just so happens to be directed by The Clone Wars boss Dave Filoni. Interesting…

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We’ve already seen this, but now we get it from a different angle. The Mandalorian uses a cable to hook a Quarren, and we now see things in a close-up of this Quarren as he’s caught. He fires at the Mandalorian – we had previously seen a stormtrooper’s blast just deflect right off the beskar armor – and that’s what provokes the Mandalorian to pull his blaster and shoot the controls of the door, killing his victim.

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Here there’s a rhinoceros-like creature covered in mud, and the Mandalorian then being dragged along by it as he looks to be trying to stop it or capture it.

Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 9.29.20 PM

Here’s our first real look at Kuiil, the Ughnaught who apparently is played by Nick Nolte. They released a Funko Pop of his character as part of Triple Force Friday, and then he was one of five characters to receive a character poster recently, so it seems like he could have a significant role in this show. Here, we see him with the Mandalorian, putting his hand on the bounty hunter’s shoulder. It seems that Kuiil might be an ally of the Mandalorian.

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There is a shot of the Mandalorian and another person riding speeder bikes across a desert, but other than that we don’t have any context. Then there’s the shot we’ve already seen, of the Mandalorian walking alone across a barren land with the sun setting. Then I’ve grouped another shot seen later in the trailer in here too, as it’s another shot of the Mandalorian walking alone, this time with the sun shining in the background. These last two shots look cool, and I think we’ll see quite a bit like this in the cinematography of this series. This show looks great, that’s for sure.

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The Razor Crest flies in space, being pursued by an enemy ship that fires at it. We don’t know any more details than this, though, so it’s hard to even speculate.

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Here’s Greef Carga and what I imagine is his team looking on at the Razor Crest, probably waiting to meet up with the Mandalorian. We know that Carga is the head of this bounty hunter’s guild, but I’m really interested in seeing just what his role in this show is – and how he relates to the Mandalorian.

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While the previous shot gave us a look at Greef Carga, this one gives us a look at Cara Dune. This is one of just two brief glimpses at her character in this trailer, so we really haven’t seen much of her (though to be fair, we haven’t really seen much of any character besides the Mandalorian). So they really aren’t telling us a whole lot about this show in the trailers, but this does look like the Mandalorian and Cara Dune are friendly with one another, as they grasp hands in solidarity here. It doesn’t sound like they initially are friendly (as at Celebration there was footage shown of them fighting), but probably at some point during the course of this first season they team up.

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We’re now shown a glimpse at another character, Moff Gideon. He is flanked by Death Troopers and stares (almost with an amused look) at a building peppered with blaster marks. As I mentioned earlier, he seems like the leader of this band of Imperials, probably trying to maintain control in these outer reaches even though the Empire has fallen. And if I’m right on that, then I actually am very excited to see this dynamic. The New Republic is in power, but we know that they have trouble establishing a rule over the galaxy, which leaves the criminal underworld to reign in some of these outer parts of the universe. So I’m interested in seeing this dynamic of an Imperial Moff trying to keep control, while the criminal underworld does their thing almost unimpeded, all while the New Republic is distant. That could make for some really interesting dynamics to explore in this show.

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We’ve seen this sequence previously, but it’s still great: IG-11, twirling and firing at enemies. This is certainly a money shot, so I’m not surprised that Lucasfilm put it in this trailer too. It just looks so great.

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This is also pretty interesting. In a little village somewhere, a woman reaches up and touches the Mandalorian’s helmet, looking like she’s going to remove it. And there’s certainly no indication that he is upset about it or is trying to stop her, so what is the nature of their relationship? I would guess they are certainly quite familiar with one another, and I’m curious as to just how close they actually are. Plus, this is a hint that we’ll probably see the Mandalorian unmasked at some point in the series, and I’ve always thought that was probably likely. But we’ll see.

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And here’s Cara Dune using what looks like a machine gun type weapon and firing. You can see off to the right of the screen stormtrooper armor, so are these Imperial forces a part of this fight or what? Regardless, this former Rebel shock trooper certainly uses a pretty powerful weapon.

Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 9.32.28 PM

This is pretty exciting because it’s our first official look at Bill Burr’s character in the show, and we see him emerge around a corner firing twin blasters – with a third blaster sticking out like a third arm and firing above his shoulder. So he has quite a bit of firepower too, as he can fire three weapons at once. We don’t really know anything about his character, but I’m guessing he too is a bounty hunter.

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The last major sequence in the trailer is this one, as we see the Mandalorian hanging on by a cable as a TIE Fighter flown by Moff Gideon streaks across the sky. The Mandalorian is being dragged behind, but he uses his jetpack to fly onto the top of this TIE, as Gideon looks up at the Mandalorian now literally right on top of him. To me, this seems an awful lot like Gideon trying to escape (given the fact that he’s flying his own TIE and that the Mandalorian looks to be in pursuit), so I wonder if this takes place after the Mandalorian fights those stormtroopers?

It’s also just awesome to know that the Mandalorian does in fact use a jetpack in this show.

Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 9.33.29 PM

The final shot of the trailer sees the Mandalorian raise his rifle at something before cutting to the title card. Previously in the trailer, we heard a voiceover from Herzog saying, “Mandalorian, look outside. They are waiting for you.” As this shot comes up, we hear the Mandalorian speak for the first time in officially released footage (though he spoke in the footage at Celebration), saying, “Yeah? Good.” The impression we get is that the Mandalorian is a man of few words, but he possesses this arrogant confidence about him.

And, of course, I’m still not over the fact that his rifle is taken straight from the Star Wars Holiday Special. That’s so awesome.

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