Wedge Antilles makes his return in Resistance Reborn!


That’s right, the hero of the Rebellion returns in the upcoming novel “Resistance Reborn” by Rebecca Roanhorse (releasing November 5), as the Resistance needs him.

In a brand new excerpt from the novel released by, we learn that Wedge and Norra Wexley are retired to a quiet farming life on Akiva, Norra’s homeworld. But Snap Wexley (Norra’s son) and his wife Karé Kun arrive one day in their X-Wings, and they come bearing bad news. The First Order was spreading their influence, and they had attempted to take control of Ikkrukk. Black Squadron had fought back against them, leading Wedge to ask about Poe Dameron, one of his best students. But Snap reveals that Poe wasn’t commanding Black Squadron for that mission, and he readied to pass on the worst news of all: the Resistance had been decimated at Crait. Holdo, Ackbar, Statura – the Resistance leadership and fleet were all gone. Snap explains that Leia survived, but “she can’t run the Resistance by herself.” Wedge is left reeling from this news, saying that he thought Ackbar would live forever after he survived Endor and Jakku.

But then Snap gives Wedge the worst news of all:

“There’s one more loss. Wedge, you better sit down.”

Oh no. That was a sure sign Wedge preferred to stand. He leaned back against the edge of the kitchen counter and crossed his arms. “Tell me,” he commanded, his voice hard.

“Luke Skywalker.”

Wedge swayed. He reached back, gripping the counter. Not Luke. Could he even be killed? Didn’t Jedi live forever or something?

The excerpt ends soon after that, but I can tell you that I wasn’t prepared for how gut-wrenching it actually is – and it’s so beautifully written in a way that makes you feel Wedge’s emotions. Here this hero of the Rebellion is finding out that Admiral Ackbar is dead, but not just Ackbar, but Luke Skywalker himself. The one who had flown alongside Wedge, his old friend, the seemingly immortal Jedi Master. Gone.

There’s so much I absolutely love about this excerpt, and perhaps the top of the list is seeing Wedge dealing with these losses. He’s a hero, yes, but he’s not one of the main characters, and so seeing all of this through his point of view is a great choice, but also so emotional. He’s finding out that friends of his for decades are just… gone. Wiped out by the First Order.

But I also love getting to see Wedge and Norra still together three decades later, now retired and living a quiet life. I love Snap and Karé coming to see them, almost certainly in an effort to recruit them to the cause. I love the bit about Poe being one of Wedge’s best students at the flight academy. And, well, it seems like this book is going to bring Wedge very much back into the fight, and I’m super excited to see Wedge and Norra join the Resistance.

Plus, this sets it up for Wedge to return in The Rise of Skywalker, which would be really awesome.

Everything about this book is sounding incredible, and we’ve already learned of several exciting appearances, from Zay Versio and Shriv to General Rieekan to now Wedge Antilles and Norra Wexley. I can’t wait to read this!

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