Star Wars Resistance: “Hunt on Celsor 3” review

Star Wars Resistance was back with a new episode once more on Sunday night, and once again I’m delayed in publishing this review because of other Star Wars content that dropped – but hey, that’s a great problem to have!

But let’s dive in to the review of this week’s episode, the fourth of season two, “Hunt on Celsor 3”!


Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 8.34.22 PM

The residents of the Colossus are growing restless, as Captain Doza attempts to keep people from leaving the station. Aunt Z is the most notable patron who threatens to leave, and it’s because she doesn’t have any more food. So the pirates offer to hunt the Jakoosk that the Aces encountered in last week’s episode, but Kaz and Torra get permission from Captain Doza and Yeager to represent the Aces on this mission as well, knowing that the pirates would otherwise use this as a means of undermining Doza’s leadership.

So Kaz and Torra accompany Kragen’s pirates to the planet, and Kragen arrogantly suggests that they can handle it. He sends out pirates on skiffs, but they are quickly overrun by the Jakoosk. Eventually, Kragen reluctantly listens to Synara and retreats – thanks to Kaz and Torra, who manage to drive the Jakoosk away before it can catch the pirates. Back on the Colossus, Kragen blames the failure on Captain Doza and the Aces, and once again Aunt Z and others begin preparing to leave. Kaz and Torra then come up with a plan: since the Jakoosk is only vulnerable from below, they decide to go to the planet’s surface with a powerful weapon Tam had worked on, giving them the chance to attack from below.

But while en route to the planet’s surface, Kaz discovers that Buggles (Torra’s pet Voorpak) had stowed on board his ship. Once they get down to the surface, Torra finds out, and Buggles runs away. In pursuing Buggles, they find the Jakoosk… but some of the stranded pirates steal the ships and take off, stranding Kaz and Torra. Kaz gets to work on the canon, while Torra heads off to find Buggles. After the Jakoosk makes the first pass, Kaz loses his battery, forcing him to use CB-23 as the battery to power the canon – which he then fires to kill the Jakoosk and save Buggles.

Later, back on the Colossus, the residents prepare to feast on the Jakoosk, and Doza gives an encouraging speech that, as their Captain, he will always look out for them and work to provide for them. Then Neeku unveils what he had been working on: a machine that powers images on the ceiling that look like the sky, making the Colossus feel a bit more like home, much to the delight of the residents.


Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 8.57.42 PM

This episode was ok. The previous two episodes had been fantastic, and I think a large part of that had been that the First Order was involved and that it felt so connected with a larger story, whereas this episode was fairly self-contained.

I don’t mind that this show is geared toward kids and I really don’t see that as a negative either (since all Star Wars has historically been more or less geared toward kids), but I did find the whole Buggles plot a bit… meh. The plot of this episode was largely driven by this pet that stows away onboard Kaz’s ship, and Kaz is too afraid to tell Torra, and that leads to all sorts of problems. Ok, I get it, but it felt unnecessary to me.

So as far as the plot of this episode goes, it’s nothing real memorable: they hunt the Jakoosk to find food for the Colossus. But it’s in that latter point, of finding food for the Colossus, that this episode is at least somewhat important. We are shown more than ever what the state of the Colossus residents is, and it’s not great. They are growing uneasy, and they’re ready to leave. Doza is clearly very stressed about all of this, and Yeager points out that if the people leave they could be captured by the First Order. So it’s out of protection to everyone that Doza wants them to stay, but he realizes that he can’t make them. So this burden of leadership is weighing on him, and I think it’s interesting seeing that.

Additionally, we get to see how others are handling this change. Remember, though Kaz, Yeager, and Doza (to a degree) have aligned themselves with the Resistance, that doesn’t mean the others have. They’re not exactly thrilled with these changes happening, and now they’re out of resources and ready to abandon ship. The pirates, meanwhile, are seizing this opportunity by trying to create a following themselves, which would or could lead to a mutiny on Doza.

As another interesting point, we do see a contrast in the leadership of Kragen and of Doza in this episode, as Kragen refuses to listen to others and is power-hungry, while Doza heeds the advice of others (like Yeager especially, but also Kaz and Torra) and is seeking to provide for the others on the station. Doza is the better leader and the one the Colossus needs, but how long will the others continue to believe that?

So yeah, the importance of this episode (as far as we can tell now) lies in the fact that it is framed around showing us the unrest amongst the residents of the Colossus, as well as how Doza is dealing with it. I have a feeling that will be an important thing to have seen as we move on later in this season, but the plot for this episode felt a bit lacking.

My grade: 7.1/10

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