Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes producer expects players to spend $4,000-5000 in order to keep up

As you are probably well aware, things have been quite rough for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.  The decisions by the developers have been, to be quite honest, baffling and a direct middle finger to much of their player base.

But Carrie Gouskos, the senior producer on the game, took to Twitter recently to bash those fans who are upset by saying that it’s just overreaction.  She can say whatever she wants to on her personal Twitter account, obviously, but I think it’s a horrible look to be dismissive of the community’s frustrations.  I mean, you can just keep going on believing that everyone is wrong except you, or you can use those complaints to examine whether it actually might be your fault.  Don’t blame it on your players for overreacting, don’t go desperately trying to find loopholes to make the players look like they’re in the wrong, etc.  I get that this is Carrie’s job, but that’s why I’m saying this: she is utterly failing at her job right now.

But hey, that’s nothing new.  Things have been as bad as I’ve ever seen them in this game, and I’ve been playing almost since day one.  And the trend of the developers shifting blame onto the playerbase is nothing new, either.  So my reason for writing something else here is a response that Carrie had to someone asking if they expect people to pay $4,000-5,000 to catch up.  Her response?  Yes.

So there you go.  If you’re considering playing Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, just know that the developers expect you to pay several thousand dollars in order to catch up to the newest stuff.  And I’m not going to shame anyone for how they choose to spend their hard-earned money, but I have a hard time justifying several thousand dollars for a mobile game in disarray right now.

I’ll give credit to Carrie on this: she confirmed in a very straightforward manner what many have suspected all along.  So credit to her for being open about it, which is at least more than we’ve gotten in the past (partly because any communication is more than we’ve gotten recently).  But I think it’s quite telling that the developers expect their players to spend this much to catch up.

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