J.J. Abrams consulted with George Lucas, Rian Johnson, and Larry Kasdan about The Rise of Skywalker

One of the common themes we have heard from J.J. Abrams about directing The Rise of Skywalker is the pressure he has felt to make sure he ties together the entire Skywalker saga into a satisfying conclusion.

Because of that, it should come as no surprise that Abrams consulted with several of the most important storytellers in the saga as he worked on the final film.  “We met with George [Lucas], we met with Rian [Johnson], we talked with Larry [Kasdan],” Abrams told Good Morning America.  “This is a lot of thinking, and trying not to overthink, but really considering what it meant.”

This makes a ton of sense, and I find it really encouraging to hear.  These four men are probably as responsible as anyone for the storytelling aspect of the Skywalker saga, as they have had a massive influence.  George Lucas told the story of the first six films and served as director of four of them.  J.J. Abrams then took over for the seventh installment, and he has now returned for the ninth one.  In-between those films, Rian Johnson wrote and directed the eighth installment of the saga.  And Larry Kasdan helped Lucas write The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, wrote The Force Awakens with Abrams, and most recently wrote Solo: A Star Wars Story with his son Jonathan.  Both Lucas and Kasdan are Star Wars veterans and have been consulted by the storytellers of this new generation as Abrams and Johnson explore the sequel trilogy era.

So it is understandable for Abrams to want to talk to all three of those other men about the upcoming film, since he wants it to wrap up not just the sequels but the whole trilogy as well.  And I find it immensely comforting that Abrams is going to these lengths to talk with others about the story to make sure he stays true to the Star Wars saga and provides a satisfying conclusion to over four decades worth of beloved stories.

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