Richard E. Grant has finished filming for Episode IX, says the story is worth all the secrecy

One of the newcomers to the Star Wars universe in Episode IX is Richard E. Grant, who will be making his debut in a galaxy far, far away in an unknown role.

But while we don’t know anything about what character he is playing, we do know that he has finished filming.  In an interview yesterday with This Morning, Grant was asked about finishing Star Wars.

Interviewer: “You have finished, just finished, filming for the new Star Wars.”

Grant: “I have.  The final Star Wars.  Yup.”

Interviewer: “Just huge secrecy, isn’t it?”

Grant: “Yes.  Never had anything like it.  I know it comes out on the 19th of December.  I’m not even allowed to tell my wife and daughter the name of my character.”

Grant went on to discuss that secrecy and how it is maintained, explaining that the actors have to wear robes so that no one can spot them in costume, and that they had to read the script in a conference room that had guards and they couldn’t take the script with them.  Even during filming, they were just given the scripts for that day’s scene(s).  He said that it’s a new experience, but he’s just thrilled to be in a Star Wars movie.

We’ve known about the secrecy surrounding Episode IX for a while, but it’s news that Grant has just finished filming.  The expectation has been that principal photography will be finishing up sometime soon, and this could be another indication of that (though we don’t know how much screentime Grant has in the first place).  Most people have theorized that he’s playing a First Order character, but we don’t know anything about his character for certain.  We do know that he’s not playing Grand Admiral Thrawn, however, and in a recent interview he said that he’s playing a new character.

Even with all of the mystery and secrecy surrounding the film, however, it’s easy to get excited about what’s coming later this year.  And according to Grant, the secrecy is for good reason because of how good the story is: “Oh, it’s definitely worth it.  If you’re a Star Wars fan, and I am, then knowing what’s coming in this is quite something.  I absolutely understand why they’re so secretive about it, because it’s very exciting.”

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely cannot wait to see Episode IX, the final chapter of the Skywalker saga, in theaters this December!

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