Report: Death Troopers will appear in The Mandalorian

On Tuesday, Making Star Wars‘ Jason Ward (who has been all over reports and updates on The Mandalorian) shared this exciting piece of information: Death Troopers were seen on the set of the show fighting with a character presumed to be the Mandalorian!

MSW also has photos at the above link of a person wearing what appears to be a Death Trooper uniform.

This is an interesting nugget of information, and it’s exciting because Death Troopers are awesome and I’ve loved seeing them in Rogue One and Rebels.  They’re great, and so I’m excited about any possibility of seeing them again!  But it also is interesting because it gives us another hint at to what the state of the galaxy might be in this show, which is set post-Endor and post-Jakku.

With Death Troopers and Stormtroopers hanging around, it’s likely that The Mandalorian will show some remnants of the Empire.  It remains to be seen just how well-organized this remnant(s) will be, as well as whether there’s any semblance of leadership remaining.  But we should get to see Imperials struggling to cope with the fact that their Empire has fallen and still trying to exert and maintain control in the far reaches of the galaxy away from the eyes of the New Republic.  Through this, it’s possible the show could begin to feature some hints as to the eventual development of the First Order.

Overall, there’s still a lot of unknowns about all of these things, but this report of the presence of Death Troopers further solidifies the idea that we’ll probably be seeing the Mandalorian go up against some remnants of the Empire.  That will be pretty exciting and interesting to see, for sure.

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