Jango Fett is coming to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes!

One of the galaxy’s most feared bounty hunters is coming to the popular Star Wars mobile game, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes!

It was revealed earlier this week that Jango Fett will be making his way to the game in a marquee event next week, beginning on September 20.  He looks to be the best bounty hunter in the game yet, is a terrific bounty hunter leader, and should make the faction immediately viable in many game modes – though it remains to be seen about arena.

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 12.23.38 PM

He has scoundrel, bounty hunter, and attacker tags, and he appears to thrive on getting debuffs to land on enemies and then exploiting those debuffs for additional power and damage.

Nearly three years into the game’s history, Jango Fett was easily the most important and most notable bounty hunter not to be released yet.  We’d gotten a number of bounty hunters this year already, including Bossk, Embo, and Aurra Sing, and all of the existing bounty hunters got reworks, so it’s clearly been an area of focus during this year.  Already in the game are Boba Fett, Bossk, IG-88, Greedo, Dengar, Cad Bane, Zam Wesell, Embo, and Aurra Sing.  Jango Fett is the tenth bounty hunter released, and he’s arguably the best one.

You can read up on his full kit here.  His basic attack, “Unscrupulous Gunfire,” provides offense up for debuffs in addition to dealing damage, while Jango attacks again if the enemy is debuffed.  Unfortunately, EA/CG didn’t care to put Jango’s blaster sounds in hte game, so it’s just the generic sound for any blaster in the game, which is unfortunate (since other characters, like Death Trooper, do have the correct blaster sound).  His first special, “Shrapnel Blast,” sees Fett use the rocket in his jetpack (which is pretty cool) to damage enemies and inflict the healing immunity and stagger debuffs.  His second special, “Conflagration,” sees Jango use his jetpack and flamethrower to deal damage to all enemies and inflict the burning debuff (which previously only R2-D2 could do), dealing serious damage if the enemies are debuffed.  His unique ability, “Notorious Reputation,” has one of two zeta abilities for Jango Fett and grants him boosts to defense penetration and max health; additionally, enemies defeated by Fett can’t be revived (which is especially important against characters like Darth Sion).  His contract payout is insane: when activated, Fett gains damage immunity and offense up for two turns; this is the first time we’ve seen damage immunity, and it means that Fett cannot take damage whatsoever for two turns.  That’s insane.

And then there’s his leader ability, which looks to be very important for the bounty hunter faction.  Previously, if you’re familiar with the game, Boba Fett has something called “Bounty Hunter’s Resolve,” which when active allows him to ignore taunt and revive at 100% health when defeated.  Then, whenever he defeats an enemy, he gains “Bounty Hunter’s Resolve” again.  Thanks to Jango Fett’s unique ability, Jango has the same ability as Boba Fett, and will re-gain it whenever he defeats an enemy.  But through Jango’s leader ability, he is able to spread that to every bounty hunter ally.  His leader ability, “Anything to Get Ahead,” gives allies +30 speed and enemies -40% tenacity – both are important, as speed up is the most critical thing for a faction being useful in arena, while tenacity down helps bounty hunters apply debuffs, which Jango then exploits.  But additionally, the leader ability carries with it a contract that requires the player to damage a debuffed enemy twenty times with a bounty hunter.  Considering all the debuffs that bounty hunters can dish out, this doesn’t seem too difficult.  The payout, though, is huge: all bounty hunters, in addition to having their individual payouts activated, gain “Bounty Hunter’s Resolve” on their next turn.  What this means is that by activating Jango Fett’s contract every bounty hunter ally will essentially have two lives, unless coming up against a character that prevents revives (like Darth Nihilus or a finishing blow by Jango or Boba Fett, etc.).  These allies can’t keep re-gaining the ability by killing enemies (unlike Jango and Boba), but it allows the entire faction to ignore taunts and revive.  So this, once the contract is activated, makes opposing taunters essentially worthless and makes defeating a bounty hunter squad quite difficult.

Unfortunately, however, it’s hard to get too excited about Jango Fett coming to the game because it’s yet another marquee event.  EA/CG have said they’re aware of that problem, but so far they haven’t taken any steps to fix it.  So you can unlock Jango Fett at three stars, but you won’t be able to farm him for several months – at which point it’ll likely be a single hard node.  So you can unlock Jango Fett, but unless you plan on purchasing packs to star him up you probably won’t have much use for him for several months – at least.

But EA/CG did say that the next character release won’t be a marquee character, so hopefully that will provide some actual hype and excitement about a character for the first time in a while.  Jango Fett looks awesome, but the marquee event puts a damper on the hype.  I’ll get excited about him next year.

In addition to Jango Fett, Cad Bane’s ship, the Xanadu Blood, is coming to the game as a marquee event beginning today, September 13.  You can check out the kit for the ship here, and it’s an impressive ship that, paired with the Hound’s Tooth, should be a tough one to face.

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