Breaking down the behind-the-scenes look at Star Wars: Resistance!

Last week Lucasfilm released a behind-the-scenes look at Star Wars: Resistance, the newest show from Lucasfilm animation that will premiere this fall, on October 7.

If you missed the video, taking a look at Team Fireball, you can catch up on it here:

There’s a lot that can be learned from the video, and so I’ve broken it down into two categories, which can essentially be labeled as “things we learned from what they said” and “things we learned from what we saw.”  So last week, I broke down what we learned about the main characters of Resistance (and about the show itself) from what the creators and producers of the show said.  You can catch that here.  Today, let’s take a look at the images and clips that we saw during the behind-the-scenes video too to see what’s noteworthy and what we can learn.

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In the video we get a look at something we haven’t yet seen from Resistance: speeder bikes!  We have seen plenty of flying action from other ships on races around the Colossus, but in this video we get a glimpse of Kaz and others riding speeder bikes down from the Colossus over the water.  It’s a cool look, and it’s exciting that we figure to get multiple methods of flying sequences, both with ships and with bikes.

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There’s also this look at some ships flying through the rings during a race, and back on the Colossus Kaz, Tam, Neeku, and a pit droid watching.  It seems that these races are heavily spectated by the people of the Colossus, and Team Fireball apparently watches these races as well.  Given what we see about Yeager in this look later on (that shows him apparantly flying), perhaps the others are watching their leader race?  Or it could just be that they’re watching others race and aspiring toward what they could do as well if given the opportunity.

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Here’s a better look at Kaz’s ship, as well as Team Fireball – which consists of (from left to right) Bucket, Kazuda Xiono, Neeku Vozo, Tam Ryvora, and Jarek Yeager.  These people seem to be the main characters of Resistance, and this ship likely plays a key role as well as its what Kaz flies in the races we’ve seen.

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Speaking of spectators of these races (like we were earlier), this piece of artwork shows several ships flying by watch stations.  It’s unknown, however, whether these art pieces actually were turned into material for the show or simply were part of the inspiration along the way – as you’ll see there are islands in the background on this planet, which we haven’t seen yet of the planet on which the Colossus rests.  So it’s possible that this is simply artwork from a certain point of production that isn’t truly representative of the show, but it does at least give the feel for these races being popular attractions at the station.

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I think this piece of artwork in particular is especially cool and significant, as it gives us our first full look at the New Republic flight outfits!  We had previously seen in the first trailer that Kaz is wearing a New Republic jacket when given his assignment by Poe Dameron, which is exciting enough in and of itself.  It appears that Kaz is a member of the New Republic (possibly as a pilot?) when we first meet him in the show.  That would be really cool, because one of the biggest storytelling opportunities that this show will have is the chance to further explore the New Republic and its interworkings, something that we haven’t seen in the sequel films and which other material (like books) have only scratched the surface of.  If we get the chance to see part of the New Republic Defense Fleet right from the start of Resistance, that would be really cool.

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Some other images that are shown involve Poe Dameron and Kaz, which is also cool to see.  The first shot is simply one of Poe and Kaz standing in front of a scenic backdrop as the sun sets on the Colossus, but the next two are more interesting.  The second one shows Poe (in his flight jacket from The Force Awakens) at a computer flanked by Kaz and BB-8, so this might be them preparing for Kaz’s mission.  Then the third image shows Poe (in his flight suit) and BB-8 exploring an area, as Poe has his flashlight on, followed in the background by Kaz.  Does this mean that Poe helps Kaz on the kid’s mission to spy on the First Order than we already knew?

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This seems quite significant: a brief clip in the trailer showed Kaz and the other female pilot we’ve seen before (likely Torra Doza) watching as a shuttle takes off and flies past them on the Colossus.  Only this shuttle is one we’ve seen before: it’s Kylo Ren’s command shuttle!  That’s really significant because it suggests that Kylo Ren might have a role to play in the show as well.  Of course, it’s possible that it could simply be someone else using his shuttle, but we haven’t seen anything in any other canon material so far to suggest that anyone but Kylo uses that shuttle.  So it certainly looks like, at least at one point, Kylo Ren visits the Colossus.  Whether he’s there to investigate a potential Resistance spy, or whether his visit is entirely coincidental, remains to be seen.  But it’s really exciting to think about Kylo being in the show; it makes a ton of sense and was something that I’d hoped would happen, but this strongly suggests it will.

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There are also some shots in the video of what I presume is the primary antagonist of the show, a First Order stormtrooper wearing red armor – but who isn’t Cardinal.  So we don’t know the identity of this villain, but we see him arriving on a shuttle flanked by stormtroopers and him standing in front of a First Order officer.  It’s possible that he’s the one using Kylo Ren’s command shuttle (as there appear to be some similarities to the landing ramp, though not identical), but that would be strange for this stormtrooper to be granted use of Kylo’s shuttle.  So it’s possible that this is simply a different shuttle altogether.  Anyway, I’m intrigued by the identity of this figure, and hope that he presents a tough challenge for Kaz and really shows the might of the First Order.

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Definitely my favorite shots in the trailer, however, are images we get of General Leia Organa, wearing the same outfit she does in The Force Awakens.  We knew that she’d appear in the show (it’d be impossible to truly do a story about the Resistance without her), and she’ll be voiced by Rachel Butera.  In these brief images we get, we see a holographic Leia appearing talking with Poe Dameron.  I’d imagine that this will be the primary way Leia is used early on in the show at least, as she’ll be used as the one giving Poe the orders, as Poe then turns around and gives Kaz the orders.  But I’ll take as many Leia moments as we can get, and I hope that as the show goes on we’ll get to see more of the beloved Princess-turned-General leading the Resistance.

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This image shows the same red stormtrooper seen earlier (again, presumably the primary antagonist of the show) followed by two First Order stormtroopers.  And Kaz, looking fearful, hiding behind a wall hoping not to get caught.  This plays up the spying aspect of his job description far more than the first trailer would lead to believe, as here we see Kaz presumably behind enemy lines spying on the First Order.  We may be getting far more of that than the first trailer indicated.

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Here are some images of the crew working together in the hangar, which is where Team Fireball seems to do their thing.  They’re working on the ship seen elsewhere, probably trying to get it ready to fly.  But who will be piloting it? …

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We learned from this behind-the-scenes look that Yeager is a pilot, one who flew in the Rebel Alliance.  Now he’s the leader of Team Fireball and apparently running a mechanic shop on the Colossus, but that doesn’t mean his flying days are over.  In this video, we got a look at Yeager wearing a pilot’s helmet in what looks like a cockpit, as well as another shot of the rest of Team Fireball watching a race – and we see Yeager’s image up on a holo projection, so it looks like Yeager is actually flying in this race.  He likely will be someone who Kaz grows to look up to as a pilot, and he’ll get the chance to watch Yeager in action.

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We also get plenty more shots of Tam Ryvora in this video, including her in action!  There’s one sequence where she is with BB-8 and chaos is apparently erupting, with klaxons blaring in the hallway as she takes off running.  Then there’s another sequence outside where someone charges Tam and she takes care of him, while in the background we see plenty of chaos as well.  So Tam seems to be able to handle herself quite well in a fight, and that might prove very valuable in helping Kaz and BB-8.

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One thing that this video makes clear about Neeku is that he already knows Poe Dameron, as Poe is the one who introduces Kaz and Neeku to each other.  That doesn’t necessarily mean a lot, but it could mean that Neeku is more sympathetic to the Resistance’s cause than others – whether he knows as much or not.  But it seems that Poe has connections on the Colossus, at least with Yeager and Neeku.

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It also seems like Neeku gets involved in Kaz’s spying too, at least from the looks of this artwork that shows Kaz, Neeku, and their little pet creature in the halls of a Star Destroyer hiding from stormtroopers.  Whether or not this artwork is directly translated into the show, I’d guess that Neeku will try to help Kaz however possible in his spying mission.

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This is perhaps the best look we’ve gotten yet at the Colossus, as we get an aerial shot of the racers flying above it.

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Again: it looks like Kaz’s spying missions won’t exactly go seamlessly.  We see two quick sequences in this video of BB-8, and then Kaz and the other female pilot, running away from blaster fire trying to avoid it.  So far, we’ve seen indications that Neeku, Tam, and this female pilot all get involved in helping Kaz’s spying missions to some degree, so it looks like Team Fireball and friends will rally around Kaz.  What remains to be seen is how much Yeager gets involved, but I’d have to imagine he’ll slowly come around and wind up helping in a significant way.

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X-Wings!  We get a brief look at X-Wings in this video, as we see two of them flying toward a cruiser that doesn’t look to be in good shape.  We don’t yet know how many resources Kaz will have available to use in his spying missions, so we don’t know whether he’ll be flying an X-Wing or not.  But this at least seems to confirm that we will indeed be seeing the iconic ships show up in the series – which, given its focus and place in the timeline, shouldn’t be surprising.


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