J.J. Abrams shares photo from first day of filming for Star Wars: Episode IX!


Star Wars: Episode IX has wrapped its first day of filming at Pinewood Studios in London, and director J.J. Abrams took to social media to share a glimpse from the day’s shooting.

In his first ever tweet, Abrams shared this:

In this shot, you can see Finn and Chewbacca in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon.  Chewie is sitting off to the left in his co-pilot’s seat, while Finn is standing up behind him with a smile on his face and wearing a jacket.  The jacket looks similar to Poe’s jacket that was given to Finn, though without the sleeves.  It could be that Finn further modified Poe’s jacket, but it’s just as likely that it’s a new jacket in the same style.  The real question from this shot is who the other figure in the cockpit is with them, as there’s someone else there sitting in the pilot’s seat, but we can’t really see their head.  The most popular guess is that it’s Rey, but it’s really hard to tell for sure.

It was also really classy of Abrams to specifically thank Rian Johnson and George Lucas, as well as acknowledge the hole left by the absence of Carrie Fisher.  But I’m sure that Abrams taking the time to mention Johnson and thank him for his contributions won’t sit well with those people who baselessly hope that Abrams will reverse some of Johnson’s decisions.  Nothing would indicate that’s the case.

Johnson, for his part, gave the perfect response to Abrams’ tweet:

We know that the image shared by Abrams featured Finn, so while on that subject, John Boyega shared a photo on his Instagram page last night of him giving Naomi Ackie a hug and welcoming her to the Star Wars universe – and in it we got to see a glimpse of Finn’s new hairstyle for the film.

His hair is longer, which lends credibility to the idea that there will be a time jump between The Last Jedi and Episode IX.  That wouldn’t come as a surprise, though, since every Star Wars film but The Last Jedi started with some sort of time jump from the previous movie (and technically A New Hope could be considered too because of Rogue One, but that’s an entirely different scenario).

It’s just really cool that the cast and crew of Episode IX has now gotten filming underway, and veteran Star Wars actor Anthony Daniels (who is the only actor to have appeared in every Star Wars film so far) shared that the cast and crew gathered last night for a welcome dinner with J.J. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy.


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