Adam Christopher is writing a chapter on Enric Pryde for From a Certain Point of View: Return of the Jedi

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of Return of the Jedi, later this year there’s a collection of stories being released titled From a Certain Point of View: Return of the Jedi, with 40 stories written by 40 authors about 40 characters in connection with the movie.

It’s the third book of its kind, following volumes celebrating the 40th anniversary of A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, and though the list of authors has been released, we don’t know much about any of the stories yet. But at the publishing panel at Celebration recently, we learned two of the characters that will be featured. One of them is Sy Snootles, with a chapter written by Kristen Baver. But then there’s also a chapter following Enric Pryde, written by Adam Christopher.

Christopher is one of three authors to have been included in all three From a Certain Point of View books so far, and he’s also the perfect choice for Pryde. He brought the character into his terrific novel Shadow of the Sith, published last year, and began expanding on him a bit there, so he’ll get to continue that here, earlier in the saga’s timeline.

Pryde first appeared in The Rise of Skywalker, played by Richard Grant, and became the Allegiant General commanding Palpatine’s Final Order forces in the Battle of Exegol. His ultimate loyalties were with Palpatine all along, and we have since come to learn that he was part of the Empire and then part of the remnants that retreated to the Unknown Regions after the fall of the regime.

We don’t know any details about what this story will be about, but I’ve got to say that including characters like Pryde in books like this is one of my favorite things about this format of storytelling and one of the big reasons why I’m such a huge fan of the From a Certain Point of View series. It’s a chance to tie in characters who have been introduced into the canon since the movie was released without having to feel like they’re being forced into a story that they were never intended to be in. So in this case with Pryde, a character who first appeared in 2019 but who was active during the events of Return of the Jedi (which released in 1983), we get to see what he was up to at this time.

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