From A Certain Point of View: Return of the Jedi officially announced!

May 25 will mark the 40th anniversary of Return of the Jedi, the thrilling conclusion to the original Star Wars trilogy. And like with the 40th anniversary celebrations of A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back before it, there will be a book written telling stories from all different perspectives.

From A Certain Point of View: Return of the Jedi has officially been announced, featuring 40 different short stories written by 40 different authors, each one taking the point of view of a character from the film (or a connected figure in the timeline). The book will release on September 5, and it will include stories told from the perspective of Emperor Palpatine, the Rancor Keeper (Malakili), the Sarlacc, Mon Mothma, Wicket, Anakin Skywalker, and more.

The list of authors for this volume includes: Tom Angleberger, Kristin Baver, Akemi Dawn Bowman, Emma Mieko Candon, Olivia Chadha, Gloria Chao, Adam Christopher, Paul Crilley, Amal El-Mohtar, M. K. England, Jason Fry, Adam Lance Garcia, Lamar Giles, Max Gladstone, Thea Guanzon, Ali Hazelwood, Patricia A. Jackson, Alex Jennings, Jarrett Krosoczka, Sarah Kuhn, Danny Lore, Sarah Glenn Marsh, Kwame Mbalia, Marieke Nijkamp, Danielle Paige, Laura Pohl, K. Arsenault Rivera, Dana Schwartz, Tara Sim, Phil Szostak, Suzanne Walker, Hannah Whitten, Sean Williams, and Alyssa Wong.

This will complete the trilogy of A Certain Point of View books, which all play off of Ben Kenobi’s words to Luke Skywalker in Return of the Jedi: “What I told you was true, from a certain point of view.” That line inspired these books to explore those different points of view of all sorts of different characters, and it has led to some truly compelling stories. Some are better than others, which is always going to happen in a collection of 40 stories like these, but it’s extremely interesting to read. I’ve been a massive fan of the first two installments, and though I figured that this was surely coming, I’m thrilled that it’s officially announced. I can’t wait to read it, and it means we’ll have gotten 120 different short stories celebrating “points of view” on the original Star Wars trilogy. That’s awesome.

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