The Ahsoka trailer features a fun connection to Star Wars Resistance

The first official trailer for Ahsoka was released at Star Wars Celebration a month ago, and there were a whole lot of things that stood out from the trailer. That included plenty of glimpses of Ahsoka in action, our first look at Sabine Wren and Hera Syndulla in live-action, some brand new lightsaber-wielding villains, and a brief look at Grand Admiral Thrawn himself from behind.

As such the trailer was a dream come true to fans of the animated shows, particularly Rebels, but there was also a subtle connection to Star Wars Resistance as well. There was a shot of New Republic Chancellor Mon Mothma appearing via hologram, presumably speaking with General Hera Syndulla, and Mothma is accompanied by holograms of other leaders.

One investigative fan found press materials that identify each of those other individuals, who are New Republic Senators. And one of them is identified as “Senator Xiono”, played by Nelson Lee.

Senator Hamato Xiono appears in a few episodes of Resistance as the father to the show’s main character, Kazuda Xiono. Hamato is a wealthy politician who serves in the New Republic Senate, and he arranged for his son to be enlisted in the New Republic Defense Force. But Kazuda’s dreams of becoming a pilot eventually led him to join the Resistance, and he worked for Leia Organa’s paramilitary organization as a spy on the Colossus. Hamato eventually learned of this and disapproved of his son’s involvement in the Resistance, a group he saw as extremists, primarily because of the danger it put him in. Though the Xiono family lived on Hosnian Prime, they were away from the planet when the First Order strike destroyed the planet.

This is the kind of connection that works great, because it rewards those who have watched Resistance but does not distract from those who haven’t seen it being able to follow along. As someone who has seen the series and appreciates it, I’m glad to see it getting a bit of love too. It seems that Resistance is the forgotten series quite often for Star Wars, but in this show that seems to really pull so heavily on the animated shows, I love that Resistance is included.

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