New High Republic video showcases Jedi Master – and cook – Porter Engle

One of the many new characters introduced in the High Republic is Porter Engle, a Jedi Master unlike any we’ve seen before.

That’s because, by the time of the Great Hyperspace Disaster that kicked off the era, he had retired to be a cook at the Jedi Outpost on Elphrona, known for making delicious dishes. There’s plenty more to his story, of course, and his long history in the Order he did many things. For example, at one point he lost an eye, and at another point he was part of a five-day siege on Bardotta that earned him his nickname: the “Blade of Bardotta.”

He’s appeared in a few stories so far, but he’s actually the focus of a new comic mini-series that debuts in December. The Blade, which will feature four issues, is written by Charles Soule and is set 150 years prior to the Great Disaster, seeing Engle in his glory prior to his life of retirement.

The Star Wars Youtube channel recently released a brief video focusing on him and explaining his story, and it’s well-done:

As I’ve said about all of these videos, I really enjoy how Star Wars is focusing on the era and giving it this kind of attention. And Porter Engle is a very interesting character too, because we’ve seen plenty of Jedi who undertake missions and accomplish much, but we have rarely focused on Jedi in “retirement.” And we haven’t looked at Jedi who become cooks, either. So it gives us a fresh look at the Jedi, which is pretty cool. I can’t wait to learn more about him in this upcoming comic!

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