Rogue One is returning to select IMAX theaters for a limited time in promotion of Andor

With Andor now a month away, the film that first introduced us to Rebel spy Cassian Andor is returning to the big screen.

Rogue One is returning to select IMAX theaters on Friday, August 26, and with it will also come an exclusive sneak peak at the upcoming prequel series. The film will be re-released in 150 theaters across the United States.

Andor serves as a prequel to Rogue One, telling the origin story of Cassian and how he came to join the Rebellion. Simultaneous to that story will be a glimpse at Mon Mothma and the secret growing Rebellion, and this will tell how the threads tie together into the Rebel Alliance that scores their first major victory against the Empire in Rogue One. In the film, a Rebel strike team led by Cassian Andor and Jyn Erso infiltrate a guarded Imperial facility to steal the plans for the Death Star, paying for it with their lives but giving the Rebellion a fighting chance to destroy the battle station.

Rogue One grossed over $1 billion at the global box office after its premiere in December 2016, and it was very well-received – marking the first non-saga film to be released in the Star Wars franchise. Since then spinoffs have become the norm, taking to Disney+ with several different shows that are expanding the universe. But it’s been three years since a theatrical release, so it would be nice to see Star Wars on the big screen again – which will happen briefly with this re-release.

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