Obi-Wan Kenobi comic includes glimpses of battles only seen in the 2D Clone Wars series!

Some beloved moments from the 2D Clone Wars series (the Genndy Tartakovsky version) are still considered canon. Even though the series itself isn’t, very little of it has been contradicted either, and a recent comic actually showed a few brief glimpses of some of the more memorable moments from the series.

In Obi-Wan #3, written by Christopher Cantwell, we see Obi-Wan Kenobi recording memories from the Clone Wars in his journal while he sits alone in his home on Tatooine, as a sandstorm rages outside. Obi-Wan remembers the beginning days of the war, and how things were going well but then began to turn. As we see glimpses of the battles mentioned, Kenobi recalls:

“Even after losing so many Jedi on Geonosis, we had managed to turn it into a costly victory against the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Then we won again on Christophsis. And once more on Dantooine, against all odds. But then came the slaughter of our forces on Hypori and the deaths of more Jedi… at the hands of the brutal warlord known as General Grievous. With Grievous came a wave of new fear, and with that fear came the threat of panic and chaos across the galaxy. The war was soon expanding faster than we could fathom, and now there was the very real threat of losing it.”

Did you catch it? The Battle of Geonosis was seen in Attack of the Clones, obviously, and then the Battle of Christophsis was seen in The Clone Wars film. But the Battles of Dantooine and Hypori are actually seen in the 2D Clone Wars micro-series, not in the films or the other animated series!

In that series, Jedi General Mace Windu faces insurmountable odds on Dantooine, taking on an entire army of Separatist droids by himself – and emerging victorious. While not every detail of that battle is included here, it’s confirmed that Windu did indeed fight and win on Dantooine, and that the odds were certainly not in his favor! We’d heard hints of that previously in the new canon, but this is the first time we’ve really seen it. That’s even more true of the Battle of Hypori, which is now re-canonized for the first time (though subtly hinted at). In the Clone Wars series, a group of Jedi including Ki-Adi Mundi and Shaak Ti are ambushed by a mysterious new threat, General Grievous, who hunts and kills several Jedi before the others escape. That is still canon, even if all of the details aren’t.

And it’s still canon that just as Dantooine was a pivotal victory, so too was Hypori a devastating loss – primarily because it introduced the fearsome new Separatist commander onto the battlefield. I love seeing this comic reference this series; it’s a rather simple and easy inclusion, one that fits perfectly well for those who have never watched the series – but one that’s especially thrilling for those who have.

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