The Grand Inquisitor and five other Inquisitors are making their way to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes!

The Inquisitors are soon being brought to a much larger audience, as they will appear in the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi series.

The squad of Jedi hunters have been major players in Star Wars Rebels and Jedi: Fallen Order, and with their looming jump to live-action, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is bringing the faction to the popular mobile game in a big way.

Three Inquisitors have already been released in the game through marquee events, as the Second Sister, the Ninth Sister, and the Seventh Sister have all come to the game this year. They make use of a new Purge mechanic and make up the brand-new Inquisitorious faction in the game, intended to work well together and play off of each other.

And they’re not done, either.

In the recent Road Ahead blog post, the developers revealed that the Grand Inquisitor will be making his way to the game in a new Legendary event, and that there will be five Inquisitors needed to unlock him – confirming that there are a few other marquee events for new Inquisitors around the corner. The Grand Inquisitor will take the Purge mechanic to another level and will make the squad especially potent against Jedi, and the developers even say he’ll be able to counter Galactic Legend Jedi in Territory Wars, implying that there will be an omicron ability there.

The Grand Inquisitor was the main antagonist of the first season in Rebels, so it’s about time he’s coming to the game! But he’s also going to show up in the Obi-Wan Kenobi series, as seen in the trailer, so the timing of his introduction to this game does make sense. I’m especially excited that it sounds like this will be a Legendary event, which means a five-star unlock, and is an event that has been horribly forgotten in this game – it’s been two years since the last one! I’m hopeful that this is indeed a Legendary event like that, and I think it’ll be good for the game to do so. I’m kinda surprised we haven’t gotten new Galactic Legends yet, but I think it’s healthiest for the game that we’re not right now (though I’m sure there are more around the corner, a break is nice).

This also makes me wonder who the other two Inquisitors are that will be coming as marquee characters prior to the Grand Inquisitor Legendary event, and I’ve got a pretty good guess: I imagine it’ll be the Fifth Brother and Reva, the Third Sister. The Fifth Brother and the Eighth Brother both appeared in Rebels, and since the Fifth Brother is also appearing in the Obi-Wan Kenobi series, that one makes a lot of sense. He’s already established and known in other Star Wars content, and he’ll be appearing in live-action content soon. For the other Inquisitor, I think it’ll be the Third Sister, who is also known as Reva. She’s a brand new character, which this game has tended to shy away from when new shows are released, but she appears to be a primary antagonist in the Kenobi series early on. But the reason I’m not totally sure if she’ll be coming is because this game doesn’t really celebrate the release of shows at the time but only much later (presumably due to the fact that they don’t get advance info about the characters). So we shall see!

I’m glad the Inquisitorious is coming to Galaxy of Heroes in full force!

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