Christopher Lloyd has reportedly been cast in The Mandalorian season three

We’ve heard very little about The Mandalorian season three, which is currently filming, and we don’t even know when it will be releasing. But The Hollywood Reporter did recently report that Christopher Lloyd has joined the cast of the series!

THR reported that Lloyd’s name is on the call sheet for the series, and though there are no details about what his role in the series will be, it is described as “guest-starring in nature.” So in other words, it doesn’t sound like he’ll be a regular or recurring figure in the show, which makes the identity of his character all the more difficult to ascertain.

Lloyd is best-known for his role in Back to the Future, starring as “Doc” Brown, the inventor of the DeLorean time machine. He’s kept up a full acting slate in the decades since, and now will apparently have a role in The Mandalorian.

Whenever The Mandalorian does release, it’ll be the next chapter of the story that was begun by the first two seasons and continued in The Book of Boba Fett earlier this year. It is expected to deal with Mandalore, and the possibilities for the story are nearly endless. Showrunners Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni are overseeing the third season, just like with the first two, and that will presumably include bringing in several other directors.

While we wait for that series, however, there will be plenty of Star Wars content still to come – most notably the Obi-Wan Kenobi series, which will premiere on May 25.

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