Breaking down the “Throne” teaser for The Book of Boba Fett!

A new teaser recently was released for The Book of Boba Fett, giving us a few new glimpses of the show!

Of course, all of the footage we’ve seen so far seems to be from the same few scenes, and that’s intentional; showrunner Robert Rodriguez says we’ve only seen footage from the first half of the first episode, since anything after that would be considered too spoilerly to show. They’ve teased surprises and other things like that to come, so it might very well be the case!

But even though we’re seeing the same few scenes it appears, there are new shots from them that are worth looking at. Here we’ll just look at the new shots, since the teaser features plenty of ones we’ve previously seen. Let’s dive in and break it down!

Boba enters a room on Tatooine, though it’s unclear where. But Boba is still wearing his Tusken robes like we see him in The Mandalorian, so I’m guessing (as I have with other scenes where he’s dressed like this) that it might be in a flashback. And might this be the same place where we see some of the thugs beating up those people in previous spots?

It’s not just Boba who is suiting up! Fennec Shand is doing the same. And it appears that she’s got some knee weaponry just like Boba does.

As we see another series of glimpses from the dinner Fett hosts for Jabba’s former captains, Fennec walks around the table and says, “Jabba the Hutt once sat on that throne. You all accrued wealth and riches under Jabba. You can again, with this man: Boba Fett.” Again, this seems to be. what’s driving at least the beginning of the series, as Boba looks to take Jabba’s place in the criminal underworld of Tatooine (and perhaps beyond!).

One of the captains retorts, “What prevents us all from killing you?” To that, we hear Fett respond, “Why speak of conflict when cooperation can make us all rich?” It’s not totally clear whether all of these lines are directly in response to each other (and I kinda doubt it), but it nonetheless does paint the picture of what’s going on here. Fett wants cooperation, but I’m guessing it’ll be pretty tenuous.

As has been typical in these teasers, we see several different glimpses of the fight scene between Fett and Shand and the Mayor’s men. But we see two new glimpses of it here. (1) First, we see a new shot of Fennec facing off with the two men on the roof, as we see her ready and then we see her skillfully evade a knife thrown at her. (2) And second, we see Fett fire his wrist rocket at one of the men climbing along the edge of a building, which totally blows him up. This seems to be a pretty major fight that takes place very early in the season.

The most significant new shot in this teaser is a close-up of one of the people riding the swoop bikes. We see the gang riding their bikes following Fett, but then we see a woman riding a bright blue bike – which is a stark contrast with the bland colors around her – and she swings it around, giving us a look at who it is. And this is our first look at her in any of the spots! This looks to be Sophie Thatcher, who was long-rumored to be in the series. We don’t really know anything about who she is playing, but she is one to keep an eye on as a potentially important newcomer.

There’s also a new shot of Fett – once again still wearing his Tusken robes – looking at something. We don’t know what, but could it be him seeing Slave 1 again? That’s just a wild guess though.

There’s one other new line from Fett that we hear, as we hear the voiceover of him saying, “I am not a bounty hunter. I’m the crime lord now.” And then we see him sitting on Jabba’s throne. So that’s what he means by saying he’s not a bounty hunter – he’s now the guy commissioning them for jobs. Fett is a crime lord… but he’s going to find that new job much harder than he thought.

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