New gameplay trailer released for Star Wars: Hunters

Star Wars games have seen a resurgence this year with the launch of Lucasfilm Games, and it’s gotten a lot of attention recently with the epic announcement trailer for Star Wars Eclipse.

But that wasn’t the only trailer for a Star Wars game to be released recently. A few days earlier, a new trailer for the upcoming mobile game Star Wars: Hunters was released, giving us a gameplay trailer that depicts a better look at what the game will actually be like. Take a look:

The Star Wars site describes the game as a “multiplayer, arena-combat game” and has a closer look at the various playable characters in the game. It looks like players will be able to select from a variety of characters – who seem to have some pretty cool and creative designs – and face off against other players in an arena of combat, seeing who will emerge victorious.

The game will release sometime in 2022 but has had a decent amount of promotion throughout this year, and it’ll be a new addition to the Star Wars mobile game industry, which is always a welcome thing.

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