Will there be a second season of Star Wars Visions?

All nine episodes of Star Wars Visions recently released on Disney+, providing a series of anthology episodes that celebrated the saga and told creative tales in an anime style.

The show has seemingly been met with great acclaim, and while we don’t know the streaming numbers, it does seem the critical reception has been very positive. So does that mean we’ll get another season of the series?

In a recent interview with CNet celebrating the release of the series, the show’s executive producer (and VP for franchise content and strategy at Lucasfilm) James Waugh seemed to indicate that the fan reaction will be part of the decision on whether to do another season of Visions.

“I think we would love to do more Star Wars: Visions, we’ll have to assess the reaction and what the fandom wants,” Waugh said. “[Producer] Kanako [Shirasaki] and I are probably incredibly biased; we love these shorts and really do think that this is such a great framing for Star Wars.”

To me, that suggests that Lucasfilm is at the very least open to doing more of this stuff, and that’s great to hear. I hope the powers-that-be at Lucasfilm and Disney are pleased with the response and reception to Visions, as that seems to be one of the key indicating factors for whether we’ll get more or not.

I hope we get a second season of this series, as I do like the anthology stories that aren’t connected to one another but that all tell fun and creative stories from the franchise. But as I’ve already written, I would like to see this expanded to more. I don’t want less than a second season of Visions, but I want more than that: I hope that one episode in particular, “The Ninth Jedi,” serves as a pilot episode to a separate series. Even if it’s a limited series or something like that, I just hope we get more from that story in particular, because it seems to so clearly set up really exciting territory and stories to follow. And the creatives behind that episode want to continue these stories too, hinting that they’ll have to see what the audience wants.

So will we get a second season of Visions? It sounds like there’s an openness to doing that, if the audience reaction is favorable. And given what we’ve already seen of the reaction, I can’t imagine Lucasfilm and Disney being disappointed with the response. That suggests to me that it’s a strong possibility that we’ll get more like this down the road, and I certainly hope so!

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