LEGO releases a series of adorable Star Wars shorts to celebrate Halloween

With it already being mid-September, fall is right around the corner! And that means that, among other things, Halloween is next month!

Star Wars is celebrating Halloween in style this year with the release of LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales, an animated LEGO film that premieres on Disney+ on October 1. But in a really fun surprise, LEGO posted a series of Star Wars shorts on Youtube that celebrate Halloween as well, and they are adorable.

You can check out all of the shorts, compiled in the video below:

The first short is about Din Djarin, Boba Fett, and Fennec Shand decorating Slave 1 to make it frightening for the holiday, and Djarin and Fett wind up competing against one another to try to get the edge – which is ultimately achieved by Shand.

The next short sees Din Djarin searching for Grogu aboard Moff Gideon’s Star Destroyer, stumbling upon party after party (and being given a basket of candy) as he ‘trick-or-treats’ throughout the Destroyer. He finds Gideon and Grogu and fights the Moff, all the while Grogu very much enjoys the basket of candy.

There’s one about the Bad Batch as well, as they scare a B1 Battle Droid and force it to help them load their ship with pumpkins to take back to a party. But Crosshair shows up at the party too and causes the rest of the squad to flee, much to the dismay of the kids present.

The fourth short sees Ahsoka Tano face off against Maul in the throne room on Mandalore… but this time, it’s a bit different. This time, they face off against each other in a pumpkin carving contest using their lightsabers, which is judged by some easily intimidated allies.

And finally, Moff Gideon and his troopers find themselves very scared by mysterious happenings aboard the Star Destroyer… only to discover that the culprit is Grogu, just having some fun. Before the stormtroopers can stop him, he defeats them with the Force.

These shorts are really well done and a lot of fun. They’re adorable, particularly anytime Grogu is involved (obviously!), and they’re creative. They do a good job of fitting in with the Halloween holiday, incorporating candy, fear, and plenty of pumpkins, among other things. They pull in moments from The Mandalorian, The Bad Batch, and The Clone Wars, which are the three most recent major Star Wars projects that have been released on Disney+, and they do a good job of spoofing these moments – as we know LEGO does so well.

We didn’t get any sort of announcement or anything about these shorts coming, and they were simply posted to Youtube, but I think they’re fantastic! If you’re looking to get in the spirit of Halloween, or simply looking to have fun, enjoyable Star Wars content to watch for a few minutes, I encourage you to check them out!

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