We now know the members of the Jedi High Council during the High Republic era!

The High Republic era is set 200 years prior to the events of the Skywalker Saga, and it is a golden age for the Republic and for the Jedi.

Though there are a few Jedi we are familiar with, most of them are brand new to us, and the stories about the Jedi of this era are thrilling. We’ve met a number of different Jedi from the era, but for the first time we recently got a complete look at the Jedi High Council during the current era of the High Republic, which is pretty cool!

In the most recent episode of The High Republic Show, which came out at the end of July, we got to hear from the authors, as well as get a bunch of cool artwork – and we also got a feature on the council members! The video has a look at each one of them so that we can actually visualize what they look like, but here are the names of the 12 Jedi High Council Members during this era. You’ll note that two of them have already been replaced, a transition I’ve tried to convey with –> when it is pertinent.

Grand Master Yoda

Grand Master Lahru

Grand Master Pra-Tre Veter

Keaton Murag

Ada-Li Carro

Teri Rosason

Oppo Rancisis


Yarael Poof

Rana Kant –> Stellan Gios

Soleil Agra

Jora Malli –> Grandmaster Ry Ki Sakka

Of note are the three members of the Jedi Council during the High Republic era who are also on the Council during the prequel trilogy: Yoda, Oppo Rancisis, and Yarael Poof. So these three members are long-lived and extremely wise, and they help form a connective tissue between this era of storytelling and the one that Star Wars fans are most familiar with. And I think all of this has been handled really well, as these familiar characters are infrequent enough to not grow distracting and don’t have a major role (at least so far), but are nonetheless around and present. I think it’s great.

Also worth noting is that there are actually three Grand Masters of the Order during this period, as Yoda, Lahru, and Pra-Tre Veter are all given the prestigious title. We already knew this about the three Grand Masters, and this is highlighted in the video as well. I am a bit curious as to why Ry Ki Sakka has the title “Grandmaster” before his name in this video too, as we don’t know anything about him. In fact, this episode was the first time we’ve heard of him, so it remains to be seen what’s going on there. He’s the replacement for Jora Malli, who was killed in the Nihil attack in Light of the Jedi, so I doubt he’d become Grand Master right away. So I’m a bit confused by that.

One thing that has stood out to me in reading the stories from this era so far is that the Jedi Council might be even more dignified and distinguished than during the prequel trilogy, which is saying a lot! They are referred to simply as “Council Member” at times and are looked upon with such reverence, and I think it helps too that we know so many Jedi who aren’t Council Members during this era that it makes those who are stand out all the more (in fact, the only two Council Members that it really feels like we know well are Yoda and Stellan Gios).

So these are the leaders of the Jedi Order during this period of light and hope, and I love that The High Republic Show gave us a look at the Jedi High Council so we can get better acquainted with the Jedi of the era!

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