A few Star Wars: Visions episodes will be set after The Rise of Skywalker

A month ago, we got our first look at Star Wars: Visions, the latest Star Wars show that will be premiering this September on Disney+.

The series combines the Star Wars franchise with anime for the first time, with nine different shorts releasing initially. This show is not considered canon, which gives the filmmakers a lot of storytelling freedom. And that includes some post-Episode IX freedom as well, it turns out.

At a press conference in mid-July, it was revealed that two of these shorts will be set after the events of The Rise of Skywalker: “The Twins” (developed by Trigger) and “The Ninth Jedi” (developed by Production IG).

Regarding “The Twins,” Trigger’s Hiroyuki Imaishi explained that it is “set after Episode IX, after the Empire has been vanquished by the Resistance. The remnants of the Imperial Army have raised a pair of twins on the Dark Side of the Force, and the story goes from there.” And then regarding “The Ninth Jedi,” Production IG’s Kenji Kamiyama said, “I wondered, after Episode IX, has the galaxy settled into peace? We all love stories of the Jedi and lightsabers, but what became of the Jedi Knights after the movie series? My story is about that.”

It’s unclear exactly how long after TROS these are set, as it could be a long ways in the future. Additionally, it doesn’t sound like these will include familiar characters, so it probably won’t make that huge of a difference that these are set following the films, but I do like how the episodes seem to set within definite periods in the saga (for example, another episode, “The Elder” is set before Episode I). Even though they’re not canon, they are influenced by the canon events and thus are set around them in various ways, which I think is pretty cool.

Of course, because they aren’t canon I think it makes it a bit less significant when these shorts are set, but the main point is that they’re enjoyable. We got another non-canon story set after-The Rise of Skywalker in the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special, which actually did feature characters from the films. This will be the second story we’ve seen after the films, and even though neither of them so far have been canon, it’s still cool that we’re exploring various eras around the Skywalker saga. I think I was just expecting a lot of these shorts to be set in a vague, unknown time period (maybe long before the saga, even), so to hear that they’re actually going to be influenced by the movies’ timeline is a nice touch.

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