The new projects of The High Republic wave 3 announced, which will wrap up Phase I of the storytelling era!

The third wave of projects from The High Republic era have been announced! The projects will release in January 2022 and will conclude Phase I of the storytelling initiative.

At a panel held for Comic-Con@Home 2021, host Krystina Arielle talked with High Republic authors Cavan Scott, Daniel José Older, Justina Ireland, Charles Soule, and Claudia Gray about their projects in this era, and included in the panel were announcements about the upcoming wave.

The third adult novel from Del Rey is being written by Claudia Gray, titled The Fallen Star, which is the sequel to Charles Soule’s Light of the Jedi and Cavan Scott’s The Rising Storm.

The middle grade novel is being written by Justina Ireland, titled Mission to Disaster – which, as Ireland sarcastically teased, “is not ominous at all.”

Daniel José Older is writing Midnight Horizon, the young adult novel, which he described as “a chaotic mess, in the best possible way.”

And Charles Soule is working on a Marvel comic called Eye of the Storm, which will tell the backstory of Marchion Ro. It will be a two-issue miniseries, with both issues being larger than normal to give us 60 pages total of material.

These four projects make up the next wave of High Republic stories, and though this wave doesn’t begin until January of next year, there are several other projects still to be released this year as part of wave two, so that will make the wait easier. I’m really excited in particular about the projects from Gray and Soule, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone reading this, as they are two of my favorite Star Wars authors. Not only are they two of my favorites, though, but the stories they’re telling are sure to be exciting. Gray is writing the next adult novel, and presumably like the first two this one will be the defining story of the wave, setting in motion the galactic implications that other stories deal with. And then Soule’s project is about Marchion Ro, who is one of the most interesting characters from this era to me, and it sounds like we’ll finally learn more about his past and what has led him to this point.

Also of note is that it was revealed that this third wave will wrap up Phase I of the High Republic era. The massive, multi-year storytelling project is made up of three eras; the first phase is called “Light of the Jedi,” the second phase is called “Quest of the Jedi,” and the third is called “Trial of the Jedi.” I’m guessing that these projects, and in particular Claudia Gray’s novel, will set up the transition to this new phase.

And judging by the tweet from Michael Siglain, the Creative Director of Lucasfilm Publishing, we’re probably in for some more tragedy and heartbreak along the way. In tweeting out the announcement of these new projects, he said, “The Light of the Jedi goes dark.” To borrow from Justina Ireland… that doesn’t sound ominous at all.

5 thoughts on “The new projects of The High Republic wave 3 announced, which will wrap up Phase I of the storytelling era!

  1. I have read Light of the Jedi and I’m about to start Rising Storm. I have not read the other novels. Is it ok not to read them? Would reading just the adult novels be enough to get a grasp of the story? Or should we absolutely read everything otherwise we would miss key plot elements? I’m not sure what to do and I feel a bit overwhelmed by all the content for the High Republic 😕

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    1. Great question!! One of the things I have been so impressed with in The High Republic so far is how interconnected the stories are, so those who do read everything feel rewarded for doing so. I think that’s especially true with the characters, since they appear across various stories.

      HOWEVER, the two main novels so far also do a really great job of filling you in on the relevant plot details in a brief manner, such that you’ll easily be able to track with what’s going on. You might not get the full depth and appreciation of various characters and plot developments, but you will easily be able to follow along with the general storyline. The way the first two waves have been is the adult novel tells the galaxy-altering story that the other books flesh out further.

      So if you just want to read the adult novels, you will easily be able to follow along with things and you will grasp the main plot developments of the era. But you also won’t feel like it was a waste of time to read further, either, since the stories do a good job of connecting with each other.


      1. Ok thanks so much for your insight Josh! Maybe I’ll try to read the young adult novels as well to get more details about the characters. And I was thinking about starting the comic series as well. But I’ll probably skip the « kid story » books. Thanks again! 🙏

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      2. No problem! I would basically just say read whatever you enjoy – and then if you also make sure to read the main adult novels, you’ll have the main storyline in place to help fill in whatever info you may have missed.


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