A new Star Wars: The High Republic comic series is coming this fall!

On the latest episode of Star Wars: The High Republic Show, a new comic series from The High Republic era was announced!

The mini-series, Trail of Shadows, is a detective comic exploring the mystery side of Star Wars for the first time in The High Republic. The series is set following the events of the Republic Fair, where “a strange and deadly unfolding” leads to an investigation. The Jedi call in Emerick Caphtor “to investigate a strange mystery with ties to the Jedi Order,” while Republic Chancellor Lina Soh calls in her own investigator: Sian Holt, “a high-end, in-demand private detective.”

The series will be written by Daniel Jos̩ Older, who is writing the current The High Republic Adventures comic series, as well as the upcoming junior novel Race to Crashpoint Tower. This comic series is another project from wave two of this era, which will focus on the Republic Fair as a catalyst for galaxy-wide events. In an attempt to unify the Republic, Chancellor Soh puts on the Republic Fair on Valo, attracting people from across the galaxy Рincluding, unfortunately for the Jedi and the Republic, the Nihil.

I think it’s awesome that we’ll be getting this mini-series, particularly since it appears to be a different style story than we’ve gotten so far. It’s cool to get a mystery series, and the events with the Republic Fair seems like a totally logical time to dive in. I hope that The High Republic continues to expand into different genres and types of storytelling, keeping things fresh, and it certainly seems like that’s the idea!

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