Cavan Scott says that we already know where Keeve Trennis’s story ends

In the latest episode of the Star Wars: The High Republic show on Youtube, host Krystina Arielle talked with some of the creators of The High Republic comic series, including author Cavan Scott. It was an enjoyable and informative interview, but there was one part in particular that stood out to me.

The team spent some time talking about their mutual love for Keeve Trennis, the main character of the comic series, and here’s what Scott had to say:

“Keeve was there in our first week of planning the High Republic at the [Skywalker] Ranch, and she’s been central to my part of the High Republic and my journey within it right from the beginning. When I was asked to write the Marvel series I knew she had to be the core of it. And the great thing about Keeve is we know exactly where she’s going. We know where her story ends. And so every moment in that comic, and every moment in her other appearances as well, is all leading to that point. And that’s real exciting, as a creator, to see.”

You probably caught what stood out to me: Scott emphasizes, without prompting, that we know exactly where her story ends. And if you’re paying attention to that, you might find yourself asking, “Wait, do we? Did I miss something?” The truth is that we’ve never actually been told for sure where Keeve’s story is going to wind up… but we do have a very interesting clue, one that seems far too connected to be coincidental. And Scott’s comments here have me thinking that it’s basically now as good as confirmed.

In 2019, Cavan Scott wrote the fantastic audiobook Dooku: Jedi Lost, which was narrated by a full cast and told the story of Dooku’s days in the Jedi Order (you can read my review here). At one point in the story, which is easily missed but now seems intentionally placed, Grand Master Yoda reflects on one of the Lost Twenty, a Jedi Master who grew disillusioned with the Order and left, which saddened Yoda. The Jedi Master received a bust in the Jedi Archives among the other lost members of the Order.

The Jedi’s name? Master Trennis.

As far as I know it’s never been explicitly confirmed that this Master Trennis is actually Keeve Trennis, but once the latter was announced, fans pieced things together. And I think that this statement by Cavan Scott seems like fairly strong confirmation that it’s the same person, particularly since Scott was the one who wrote Dooku: Jedi Lost!

So if this is the case, it means that Keeve Trennis winds up attaining the rank of Jedi Master, but grows disillusioned with the Order and decides to willingly leave it, much like Dooku would later on (though this certainly doesn’t mean Keeve turned to the dark side!). And since Scott said elsewhere in this interview that pretty much all of what happens to Keeve is connected with her master, Sskeer, it seems fair to guess that her disillusionment with the Order will be connected with Sskeer in some way, and perhaps ways the Jedi failed him.

We’ll have to see how this all plays out, but it certainly seems like we know what happens to Keeve Trennis. Though one of the strengths of the High Republic era is that we don’t know what happens to a lot of these characters, I don’t think it detracts from the storytelling about Keeve at all. I’m still extremely curious to see where her story goes; in fact, I’m probably more curious now that I know she winds up leaving the Order one day. What leads to that drastic action? I’m sure we’ll find out!

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