The Bad Batch will drop with a 70-minute premiere on May 4; new trailer released!

A brand new trailer for the upcoming Star Wars animated show, The Bad Batch, was released today, as was more information on the series premiere.

Namely, that the premiere episode of the show will be SEVENTY MINUTES LONG! In other words, we’re basically getting an animated film that will launch this new show, dropping on Disney+ on May the 4th. That’s insanely exciting. That’s a Tuesday, but from there episodes will continue to release weekly on Fridays, as is standard practice for Disney+.

And, as mentioned, a new trailer was released as well, which gives us more of a look at the show and what to expect – and you might notice a few familiar faces in the trailer as well! Check it out:

And not only that, but a poster for the series was also released!

I’ll be doing a full trailer breakdown for this trailer like normal, and there’s quite a bit to unpack. But for now, I think it’s worth reflecting that the premiere will basically be like an animated film, and to think of the implications for that. From the looks of the trailer, the Bad Batch will soon become hunted by the Empire and will have to be on the run, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see that unfold in this premiere. That would allow the show to establish the characters, establish the era, show the Bad Batch transitioning to being under the Empire, and show them become hunted and on the run – setting the stage for the series premise of seeing this group of clones find their way in a rapidly changing galaxy post-Order 66 and post-Republic.

Regardless, it’ll be super cool to celebrate May the 4th with an extended episode of The Bad Batch! Basically everything Lucasfilm animation touches turns to gold, and I expect this to be no different!

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