Palpatine is the narrator on the Sith in an upcoming Star Wars book, The Secrets of the Sith!

An exciting new Star Wars book is coming later this year, as The Secrets of the Sith will release on August 3, 2021!

Written by Marc Sumerak and illustrated by Sergio Gomez Silvan, this book will take readers on a journey through Sith lore and characters, narrated by Darth Sidious himself, Emperor Sheev Palpatine!

This book follows Sumerak’s book The Secrets of the Jedi, released late 2019, which looked at the Jedi with Luke Skywalker as our narrator. So it seems like this book will take a very similar format, only this time focusing on the Sith, with Emperor Palpatine as our narrator.

This is great news, as The Secrets of the Jedi was fantastic. It brought in stuff from the films, TV shows, comics, books, and more in giving readers a history of the Jedi, but maybe the coolest part was that it was designed as an in-universe account, told by Luke Skywalker, which he apparently compiled at some point during his exile on Ahch-To. That’s such a cool concept, and the book turned out great. It was really well-done, and it was really well-received, which is a good combination.

In large part because of how much I enjoyed the previous book, I’m really excited for The Secrets of the Sith. I’m assuming that this was compiled by Palpatine during his exile on Exegol? It will be great to hear more about the Sith, written as presumably an in-universe account told by Sidious. I’m not expecting any major reveals or anything like that (that’s not really the purpose of this book), but there will surely be plenty of interesting tidbits and notes to glean, all presented in a beautiful manner.

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