All of the Star Wars: The High Republic projects we know about so far!

The High Republic era of Star Wars storytelling is underway, with the release of the first three books and the debut of one of the comic series already taking place this week.

But all of that just barely scratches the surface of what is coming. Not only that it’s a multi-year project that will span three phases, but also that we know of a lot of projects that are coming in Phase I! So I thought it might be helpful to list all of the upcoming projects here, which mostly spans books and comics, but also begins to venture into an upcoming Disney+ series as well!

Phase I Projects:

Light of the Jedi | Cavan Scott | January 5, 2021 (novel)

A Test of Courage | Justina Ireland | January 5, 2021 (junior novel)

The Great Jedi Rescue | Cavan Scott | January 5, 2021 (young readers)

Star Wars: The High Republic | Cavan Scott | begins January 6, 2021 (ongoing comic series)

Into the Dark | Claudia Gray | February 2, 2021 (young adult novel)

Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures | Daniel José Older | begins February 21, 2021 (ongoing comic series)

The Rising Storm | Cavan Scott | July 6, 2021 (novel)

Race to Crashpoint Tower | Daniel José Older | July 6, 2021 (junior novel)

Out of the Shadows | Justina Ireland | August 3, 2021 (young adult novel)

The Monster of Temple Peak | Cavan Scott | unknown release date (graphic novel)

The Edge of Balance | story by Shina Shinya & Justina Ireland | unknown release date (graphic novel)

Other Projects:

Additionally, there are a few other projects of note.

The Acolyte, the upcoming Disney+ series being developed by Leslye Headland, will be set in the final days of the High Republic, but rather than focusing on the Jedi, it will focus on the dark powers that are hiding in the shadows and emerging.

There are High Republic short stories appearing in Star Wars Insider, with the first one written by Charles Soule and released in December 2020. Other stories are coming in that format as well.

Krystina Arielle will host a bi-monthly web series called Star Wars: The High Republic Show, interviewing various people who worked on the projects and even announcing a few new ones as well.

A Chinese exclusive novel set in the final years of the High Republic was released, The Vow of Silver Dawn, set 50 years before The Phantom Menace. There are currently no plans for an English translation of the book.

And all that we know of so far is just part of Phase I of the era, which will span three different phases. Phase I will run all throughout 2021 and into 2022. So much more is still to come!

2 thoughts on “All of the Star Wars: The High Republic projects we know about so far!

    1. From what I can tell, it looks like it’s canon. But it sounds to be pretty distinct from the rest of the High Republic era; it takes place just 50 years before The Phantom Menace, much later than these other novels so far.
      As for why no translations, I think this is an effort by Lucasfilm to grow the Star Wars market in Asia. Unlike many of the other Disney properties, Star Wars has typically not done well in China, one of the biggest movie markets. So I’m guessing this is an attempt to grow that… but I’m not sure how much of an impact it will actually have on accomplishing that.


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