Where is Moff Gideon’s ship located in The Mandalorian?

In the most recent episode of The Mandalorian, Din Djarin and his crew infiltrates a secret Imperial facility in order to learn the location of Moff Gideon’s cruiser, setting up what figures to be an epic finale as Djarin tries to get Grogu back.

As Djarin taps into the Imperial computer to find out Gideon’s location, we quickly see a map of the galaxy marking where he is. Over on the Star Wars Leaks subreddit, someone posted the image we see in The Mandalorian side-by-side with an image of the galaxy map, giving us an idea of where Gideon might be.

The map in The Mandalorian is, of course, hard to see exactly. The marker is quite large (comparatively speaking), and it’s also not entirely clear where it’s marking or pointing. From the map posted at the aforementioned link, it looks like the marker is right over Nar Shadda. This planet was deep in Hutt space and has a long history in Star Wars material, though has never been seen on-screen before. It would certainly be cool for that to be the location.

However, I wonder if it’s a different location nearby. Because a planet that looks to be very close to that marker, indeed just below it, is Kamino. So it’s entirely possible that the marker and planet location are just approximately located so as to indicating it, or that Gideon is on his way there. I think this is far more likely than Nar Shadda, and Gideon heading to Kamino would make tons of sense.

Remember, Doctor Pershing wears an emblem of the Kaminoan cloners. He has some sort of connection to them, it seems. Furthermore, Gideon has some mysterious motivations with the Child that Pershing is helping him with, and it seems like it is related to or similar to cloning. And then, if you remember, after Gideon’s troops captured Grogu, and after Gideon talked with the Child aboard his cruiser, he ordered an encrypted message to be sent to Pershing.

So Gideon wants to bring the Child to Doctor Pershing, but we just don’t know where. Given his location in the galaxy and its close proximity to Kamino, that definitely makes the most sense to me.

Additionally, from a storytelling perspective, it would create the opportunity for Boba Fett to return to his homeworld, which could open some nice possibilities. And, from a fan perspective, it would be incredible to return to Kamino.

To be honest, I’m still expecting the next episode to involve infiltrating Moff Gideon’s ship rather than a particular planet. Everything we’ve seen would seem to indicate that Gideon operates aboard his cruiser, so I’m still thinking that’s what it’ll be. But IF there’s some significance to his location in the galaxy, I’d guess it’s because of how close he is to Kamino. And I would love to see that!

We will find out tomorrow!

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