Writers for each episode of The Mandalorian season two revealed; could they give us a clue as to when a certain cameo might happen?

Recently, the Writers Guild of America released the writing credits for the second season of The Mandalorian!

There really aren’t any surprises with the writers, as showrunner Jon Favreau wrote six of them, while Dave Filoni (with whom Favreau works extremely closely on this show) wrote one. Then Rick Famuyiwa returns to write another episode this season as well. What is most interesting to me about this is which episode Filoni is writing, and I’ll explain my speculation below.

First, though, here’s the list of writers (note that the episodes are continuing the order from last year, and thus the first episode of season two is actually “Chapter 9):

Chapter 9 – Jon Favreau

Chapter 10 – Jon Favreau

Chapter 11 – Jon Favreau

Chapter 12 – Jon Favreau

Chapter 13 – Dave Filoni

Chapter 14 – Jon Favreau

Chapter 15 – Rick Famuyiwa

Chapter 16 – Jon Favreau

This is an almost identical format to the writing from season one, where Favreau wrote six episodes, Filoni wrote one, and Famuyiwa (with Christopher Yost) wrote one. Favreau has again written six of the eight episodes, with Filoni and Famuyiwa writing one each. Even the schedule is similar. Favreau wrote the first four episodes of season one, and Favreau has written the first four episodes of season two. Filoni wrote the fifth episode of season one, and Filoni has written the fifth episode of season two. Famuyiwa co-wrote the sixth episode last season, and this season he wrote the seventh. And then Favreau wrote the final episode both seasons. So very little has changed on this front.

But here’s what really gets me curious about this: Dave Filoni writing episode five. If you’ve been following along to the rumors and reports, it sounds like Ahsoka Tano will be appearing in The Mandalorian this season. That has been very strongly and widely reported, but it has also been mentioned that Bo-Katan Kryze and maybe even Sabine Wren (or even Rex) could show up too. From the sound of it, any of these appearances would amount to little more than a cameo, as they would have a brief role. And if that’s the case, then I would be quite surprised if Dave Filoni didn’t write the episode featuring Ahsoka.

After all, Filoni created the character with George Lucas and has been involved in virtually every story told about her to this point. He directed both The Clone Wars and Rebels, and he was executive producer on Forces of Destiny. If Ahsoka is to appear in The Mandalorian (and it sure sounds like she’s going to), Dave Filoni is going to have a major hand in it. Because of that, I think it’s a very good guess to say that Ahsoka might actually be appearing mid-season, in episode five (which, if you’re keeping track, seems like it’ll drop the final Friday of November, on Thanksgiving weekend).

Again, this is all just my speculation. But I’d be really surprised if Filoni wasn’t directly involved in writing and overseeing Ahsoka’s appearance this season, so it’s speculation that makes TONS of sense to me.

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