Latest Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures shorts explore Black Spire Outpost at Galaxy’s Edge!

The latest batch of Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures shorts were recently released, and like all the others, these are amazing.

These three latest episodes are all set at Galaxy’s Edge, at Black Spire Outpost on Batuu. So it’s really cool how these short episodes are telling stories at Galaxy’s Edge and about things that you can actually visit in person at Disneyland or Disney World!

First up is a more generic short, but it’s my favorite of the three (and I love them all!). In this one, Chewbacca lands the Millennium Falcon at Black Spire Outpost, and a Porg leaves the Falcon to go exploring. So this absolutely adorable Porg walks the streets, visits Dok Ondar, then heads to Oga’s Cantina (where he dances with DJ R-3X to the Modal Nodes!), continues in the marketplace where he sees both First Order stormtroopers and Resistance spy Vi Moradi, and then is just about to get a bite to eat when Chewie finds him. Check it out:

Next up is an episode entitled, “Rise of the Resistance,” which is of course the name of one of the main attractions at Galaxy’s Edge. In this short, a young boy is confronted by First Order stormtroopers but then takes off running – encountering Vi Moradi, who welcomes him into the Resistance among a few other recruits. They board a Resistance transport and are escorted off-world by X-Wings (including Poe Dameron’s!), but are attacked by a First Order Star Destroyer and TIE Fighters. Poe clears out the fighters, however, allowing the Resistance transport to jump to safety. Take a look:

Last, but certainly not least, we get the episode about the “Millennium Falcon – Smuggler’s Run,” the other main attraction at the park. Here, beloved pirate Hondo Ohnaka enlists a flight crew for Ohnaka Transport Solutions, and Chewbacca has allowed him to use the Millennium Falcon for this mission. So Hondo recruits his team, and they take off. Their target is a container on a conveyex, and they successfully steal this container with the Falcon. Right after they do, however, First Order TIE Fighters engage them, and the team has to fight them off before returning to Batuu. When they land, Hondo praises them for returning the Falcon in one piece… and then the Falcon tilts over, displaying obvious signs of damage as Chewbacca angrily roars at Hondo – who says, “It’s really not so bad, Chewie!” Watch it below:

I think these are absolutely incredible, and I think it’s brilliant to do episodes like this set on Batuu with Black Spire Outpost. I’d love to see more like these.

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