The Mandalorian season two will begin on October 30!

The second season of The Mandalorian will premiere on Disney+ beginning October 30!

The news was announced today on social media, along with a new promo image for the second season:

People will obviously be asking about a trailer, and while there’s been no announcement of it, I’m sure we’ll be getting it soon – especially after this release. In many ways, I think this announcement today serves as a kind of kick-off to the promotion of the show. And since we’re still almost two months out, this certainly isn’t anything abnormal whatsoever (despite what some online might tell you) in marketing an already established TV series. Because let’s be honest: the importance of a trailer for season two isn’t so much to garner interest among the already established fanbase; it’s to (1) alert those fans that the season is coming and (2) to draw in new audiences. Timing-wise, then, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. I’m sure the trailer is coming soon.

But anyway, I’m incredibly excited for this second season of the show, and based on everything we’ve heard so far from reports, it sounds like it’ll be a thrilling ride. This is the way!

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