Mon Mothma is coming to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes!

A familiar Star Wars character is coming to the popular mobile game Galaxy of Heroes, as Mon Mothma makes her way to the holotables!

Mothma was a former Republic senator from the planet of Chandrila who became the leader of the Rebel Alliance and an outspoken critic of Emperor Palpatine. Mothma was the one to openly speak out against Palpatine’s regime, and she was the one to rally various cells together into a unified group, the Alliance to Restore the Republic. She led the Rebellion throughout the Galactic Civil War and, following the victory at Endor, became the first Chancellor of the New Republic. She oversaw the completion of the War effort and the efforts to reconstruct a divided galaxy, leading the New Republic until stepping down due to her health.

It makes a ton of sense to bring Mothma to this game as a Rebel leader, and her kit looks really good and looks like it will strengthen more Rebel squads.

Her kit is similar to that of C-3PO, Hermit Yoda, and Wat Tambor in that she doesn’t have a single attack; she’s a powerful support character who can equip and strengthen the entire squad but who herself doesn’t do any damage. Her kit is also similar to that of Geonosian Brood Alpha and ARC Trooper in that she can call an additional ally into battle; in this case she calls a Rebel Trooper who can then be upgraded to a Rebel Officer and then to a Rebel Commander. Mothma can cleanse, heal, give buffs, call that additional ally, call to assist, and provides tremendous boosts as a leader.

Additionally, with the arrival of Mon Mothma comes a new faction tag, “Rebel Fighter,” which has a lot of synergy with Mothma. It’s an interesting idea (though some of the inclusions/exclusions of the tag don’t make a ton of sense), and I’m confident it’s being introduced for one reason and one reason only: it allows Mothma to synergize with specific Rebels without requiring the use of the top-tier Rebels like Commander Luke Skywalker and Han Solo and Chewbacca (but remember, for some dumb reason not Jedi Knight Luke… lol). So the design here appears to be using Mothma to bring a lot of viability to characters who previously didn’t really have much use. And while that means some of the tag decisions are curious (what else is new, right?), I can understand it and get behind it because of this reasoning.

Anyway, Mon Mothma is coming to Galaxy of Heroes as a marquee event, which is pretty cool, I think!

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