Book one of the Thrawn Ascendancy trilogy will release a month earlier than expected!

Although the release of The High Republic has been delayed until January 2021, another highly-anticipated Star Wars book series will be released earlier than expected. Recently it was announced that book one of Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn: Ascendancy trilogy, Chaos Rising, will release on September 1, 2020!

The book was originally scheduled to be released on October 6. Accompanying the release was a minute-long excerpt of the audio book, narrated by Marc Thompson (who has narrated a lot of other Star Wars audio books):

As a big fan of Thrawn, I can’t wait until this trilogy starts, so I’m thrilled that it’ll begin a month earlier than expected. Set before Zahn’s most recent Thrawn trilogy (which itself was set before and during the events of Rebels), this trilogy will explore Thrawn before he was the legendary Grand Admiral of the Galactic Empire. In this series, we will dive in to the Chiss Ascendancy and see Thrawn’s beginnings as a military genius, the nature of the Ascendancy, more Admiral Ar’alani, and much more.

We’ll surely learn more about Thrawn’s future at some point (in the Rebels sequel, whenever it’s announced), but in this book we’ll begin exploring Thrawn’s past. And I’m totally on board with more Thrawn stories from Timothy Zahn. I’m really excited for this.

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