We recently got another reference to the High Republic era in a Star Wars comic…

If you’ve been paying attention to the rumors about Project Luminous (about which we’ll learn more on February 24), it is reportedly a multi-media project exploring the High Republic era.

According to the report, the High Republic era was 400 years before the events of the Skywalker saga, so it would be exploring an all-new period of time. And though there’s no official confirmation, it has been interesting to pay attention to the references of the “High Republic” in recent Star Wars material.

The first time we heard the term was in Cavan Scott’s Dooku: Jedi Lost, published last year. The second time we heard the term was in Charles Soule’s The Rise of Kylo Ren #2, published early this year. Interestingly, both Cavan Scott and Charles Soule are a part of the mysterious Project Luminous. Is there a connection? I’m guessing so.

So, with all of this in mind, we recently got our third mention of the term “High Republic”, and it once again was courtesy of Charles Soule. It came in the recent Star Wars #2, a comic devoted to filling in the details of what happened after The Empire Strikes Back. The Rebellion is left in a dire situation, and the Empire is able to use transmissions sent between Rebel cells to pinpoint the locations of both cells – meaning that the Rebel cells are, essentially, each on their own.

In light of this precarious situation, Princess Leia Organa and the others think of a possible plan that depends on a station… from the High Republic era.

Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 5.03.12 PM

Rebellion Commander Grek explains:

“In the days of the High Republic, the galaxy was not as settled as it is now. Areas like the Outer Rim were dangerous, hard to navigate. So the people of that time built a huge space station at great effort and expense and placed it in the center of the dark zones. It sent out a signal that acted as a sort of beacon, helping travelers find their way. They gave that station an inspiring name, fitting its purpose. We can find inspiration in it as well, to find the rest of the Rebel fleet and bring them back together safely. Our task is difficult. It will take all of us and all our skill. But we believe it can be done. Let me tell you about Operation Starlight.”

It will be interesting to see what comes of this in future issues, but it tells us some pretty significant information about this High Republic era – and if it’s true that the era will be the next big focus of Star Wars, then this information is especially worth paying attention to.

According to Commander Grek, the High Republic era was a time in which the galaxy wasn’t as settled as the galaxy we’re used to, meaning that the Outer Rim was a far more dangerous place to explore. While I’m hoping that Project Luminous introduces us to new planets too, this could mean that we could get a look at some well-known Outer Rim planets as they’re discovered (or looking much different), like Tatooine. I think that could be pretty cool.

Additionally, we learn that in the High Republic era there was a huge space station built (because Star Wars has to have one, right?). But thankfully it doesn’t sound like this huge space station was a planet-killing weapon, as it instead was used as a communications tool to help travelers find their way.

I wouldn’t be surprised if in Project Luminous we see more of this space station, and since two of the three references to the High Republic now have alluded to exploring the edges of the known galaxy, it would be a logical guess for that to be a major plot point of Project Luminous.

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