Star Wars Resistance: “No Place Safe” review

We are quickly approaching the end of Star Wars Resistance, which is pretty crazy and sad. But I’m super excited to see how they wrap up the show with these final few episodes, and over the weekend we got two new episodes!

I’m going to review them separately, since the episodes are titled and packaged separately, so yesterday I reviewed “The New World” and today I’m reviewing “No Place Safe.” These episodes work closely together, though, so I’ll reference the other in these reviews. If you want to check out my review of the previous episode, head here.

Anyway, let’s dive in and look at yet another very strong episode!


Screen Shot 2020-01-13 at 10.54.33 PM

While the others on the Colossus are happy to be settled into a new home, and the Aces are able to fly freely once more, Kaz is discontent. He talks with Yeager and realizes that he can’t stay but instead feels like he has to join the Resistance; he contacts Norath and makes plans to meet up with him. Some of the others, namely Neeku and Torra, are upset and saddened to see Kaz leave. Yeager too is sad, but he gifts Kaz the Fireball to take. Kaz flies off, leaving behind the Colossus and his friends, as he heads to join the Resistance.

Meanwhile, Commander Pyre of the First Order has sent out a number of probes in an attempt to find the Colossus, and one of them is in orbit above Aeos Prime – and spots Kaz as he is leaving! CB-23 detects this and Kaz engages the probe in combat, evading the tracking missiles and destroying the probe – but in the process severely damaging the Fireball, shutting down CB and the ship’s systems. Kaz humorously impersonates Yeager pretending to do what Yeager would say, and it works. Kaz powers up the Fireball and manages to return to the Colossus and warn the others. The First Order, meanwhile, receives the transmission from the probe and set off for Aeos Prime.

Upon the First Order’s arrival, Pyre launches a ton of TIE Fighters and bombers to the planet, and Captain Doza scrambles the Aces in an attempt to protect the station and buy enough time for them to escape. With the Fireball damaged, Yeager allows Kaz to take his personal ship, sending Bucket to fly with Kaz. The Aces rush out to confront the First Order attack, which includes Tam flying a TIE Fighter. The Aeosians join the Aces in defending the Colossus, and they prove to be a huge help until the station reaches a higher altitude than they can fly in. Still needing to buy a bit more time, Kaz devises a plan to attack the Star Destroyer head on. The Aces join him in this, and this is what keys Tam in on Kaz being the one flying Yeager’s ship. Tam pursues Kaz as he targets the bridge, and though she has him in her sights she doesn’t fire. Kaz fires upon the bridge, however, and Tam intercepts the missile and destroys it, saving Pyre and the other First Order leaders.

The Colossus finally is able to jump, and the Aces return to the station just in time to flee. Kaz realizes that he can’t leave the station, and tells Yeager that he knew Tam was out there; Yeager tells Kaz that, just like Tam turned her back on them, they’re going to have to do the same to her. Tam, meanwhile, is given a promotion by the First Order for her heroics.


Screen Shot 2020-01-13 at 10.51.12 PM

This was a fantastic episode, and it had pretty much everything that makes this show work. The First Order always raises the stakes, so it was great seeing them. There was the emotional pull for both Kaz and Tam in this episode, which was significant. There was plenty of thrilling flying action, which this show does incredibly well. And the animation was superb, as usual (in fact, on that last note, the shot of the Colossus jumping into hyperspace while focusing on Doza’s face and seeing the Star Destroyer leave the picture was one of the best shots of the whole series, in my opinion).

This episode perfectly picked up on the previous episode too, which is why it works so well as a two-parter. In the previous episode, we see Kaz’s struggle as the others want to settle down in peace but he wants to help the Resistance. He makes the decision to leave the Colossus at the beginning of this episode, and I thought it was done really well. It wasn’t rushed (it’s been brewing for a while, but especially in the previous episode), it made sense logically why this would be the time, and it was done well, with Kaz talking it over with Yeager. It also represents nice growth for Kaz while staying true to who we know he is: he’s a good-hearted person who wants to help others and has grown from his prior desire just for adventure and excitement.

But in the end, he returns to aid the Colossus, warning them of the First Order’s impending arrival and fighting with the Aces in defense of the station. I liked how Yeager trusted Kaz enough to let him fly his personal ship, but wasn’t really happy about it and still sent Bucket to fly with him. And then the ‘dogfight’ between Kaz and Tam felt really significant; she deduces that it’s Kaz, but doesn’t fire upon him even though she has the shot. So she won’t kill Kaz, but she also won’t let the First Order leaders get harmed. It seems that right now Tam is in the middle somewhere – she doesn’t really want harm to come to her former friends, but she also doesn’t want harm to come to her new comrades either. With only a few episodes left, I’m guessing the tipping point will come very soon.

I also couldn’t help but think of George Lucas when seeing the Aeosians fight against the First Order; it felt a lot like the Ewoks rising up against the Empire. While the Aeosians don’t seem to be too primitive, their weapons look a bit like it. But they can still stand up against the First Order, rising up to fight this oppressive regime.

In all, I thought that this was one of the strongest episodes of Resistance yet, and continues a recent streak of really good episodes. This show has found its stride again, and I can’t wait to see how things end!

My grade: 9.8/10

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