Star Wars Resistance: “Breakout” review

Star Wars Resistance continued this week with the 13th episode of the second and final season, entitled “Breakout.”

This episode continued the story from last week and brought a thrilling resolution. Let’s jump in to our review!


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Picking up where last week’s episode left off, the bounty hunter Ax Tagrin gives Jarek Yeager, Synara San, and CB-23 as captives to the First Order, as Kazuda Xiono and Norath Kev watch helplessly from afar. Kaz contacts Captain Doza aboard the Colossus, who says that they are hiding for the moment but may have to jump away. Kaz comes up with a plan to save his friends, which includes him and Norath going undercover as stormtroopers.

Meanwhile, the First Order tortures Yeager, Synara, and CB-23 in an attempt to get information out of them. Tagrin catches on to Kaz’s plan and finds their transport, transmitting the location of the Colossus to the First Order. Torra Doza pleads with Captain Doza to stay, or at least to let the Aces stay, but after the First Order Star Destroyer finds them (thanks to Tagrin’s help), the Colossus makes the jump to hyperspace.

On the planet’s surface, Kaz and Norath manage to stun Commander Pyre and infiltrate the First Order transport, rescuing Yeager and Synara. CB-23, who managed to escape on his own, soon joins them as they head for the transport. Once they board, however, Tagrin pounces. They escape the transport but are pursued by Norath, until CB flies the shuttle by himself and takes out the bounty hunter, allowing the others to board and escape.

Kaz attempts to pilot the shuttle through the atmosphere while pursued by TIE Fighters, but the Aces suddenly appear to help. They escort the shuttle into space, where a Star Destroyer awaits… but Captain Doza and the Colossus emerge from hyperspace to pick up the shuttle and the Aces before immediately jumping back into hyperspace. Safely back on the Colossus, Norath thanks Doza for helping the Resistance, but Doza says that he’s not helping the Resistance; he’s helping his friends. Norath offers for Kaz to return to the Resistance with him, but looking back at his friends, Kaz says he’s not done here yet.


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Last week’s episode was fantastic, and this week’s picks up right where that left off by serving as a perfect complement. In many ways, these two episodes need to go together, as they fit perfectly. And while this week’s installment didn’t quite capture the same level of tension and intrigue as last week’s did (everyone made it out alive, happy, and healthy), it still was very entertaining.

Despite everyone making it out alive, the episode did feature some dark moments of the torture of Yeager, Synara, and CB. Seeing these heroes in peril was rough, and it shows how far the First Order (like the Empire before it) is willing to go to find the Resistance. It really escalates the threat, just like Rebels did when Hera was being tortured and interrogated and in need of rescue.

I also really liked the pairing of Kaz and Norath, as they’re both Resistance agents with good hearts who sometimes can be a bit less efficient than others. But they get the job done in this episode, and I appreciated much of the self-depreciating humor about the plan of going undercover as stormtroopers, as well as the blasters being set to stun. Going undercover as stormtroopers is something that’s been done in Star Wars quite a bit, so I liked the take on it as Norath really being unsure if it would work. But of course there was also a good balance between that and the plan actually working, because we get a chance to see why these two are actually Resistance agents in the first place.

One other thing to mention that I absolutely loved in this episode was the storyline with Captain Doza and the Colossus. It was cool to see the tension he felt between protecting everyone else on the station versus staying behind to help Kaz and the others. Eventually the station jumps away, and we are left thinking that Doza actually did leave them and that Kaz and the others will have to escape on their own – yet we feel that Doza actually made a respectable choice! The episode set it up really well with us coming to realize that Doza’s responsibility is to protect those on the station. But that just led to an even greater thrill when the Aces show up at the end, having stayed behind to help when the time came. It was awesome seeing the Aces escort the transport, but the plan was also brilliant, with the Colossus making a super precise jump to pick them up before leaving again.

This episode was a perfect complement to the one that came right before it and was a lot of fun – with plenty of suspense built into it too. The stakes really felt real, and that coupled with the exciting moments led to a very enjoyable episode. I hope that Resistance can keep it up at this level as it approaches the end of its run.

My grade: 9.4/10

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