There’s a significant reveal about Finn in The Rise of Skywalker

****This article contains major spoilers for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker****

In the promotion for The Force Awakens before it was released, it was made to seem like Finn was going to be the Jedi of the sequel trilogy. This was done in order to keep the reveal about Rey a secret (which was a good move), but The Rise of Skywalker pays homage to that in a really significant way.

It reveals that Finn is Force sensitive.

In a conversation with Jannah, he speaks of how he now knows the Force is real and how he knows that the Force brought him here. Then in the final battle above Exegol, when the Sith Eternal Fleet moves the transmission from the planet surface to the lead Star Destroyer, Finn knows that the signal is coming from the Destroyer based on a “feeling”. But the clearest evidence of them all comes after Rey’s death, when Finn stops in the hallway of the Millennium Falcon, with Jannah and others looking on confused, and mourns Rey’s passing.

This was the moment that made it impossible to miss, and confirmed that Finn is indeed Force sensitive. And while that’s a really cool moment and a nice payoff for the character, I think it’s also really important thematically. The Last Jedi advanced Star Wars in many phenomenal ways, including the notion that the Force isn’t just for the Skywalkers or the Jedi or whoever. That film conveyed the message in a powerful way by explaining that Rey wasn’t related to anyone powerful yet was still strong in the Force… but The Rise of Skywalker decided to go away from that by making her a Palpatine. But with Finn being Force sensitive, TROS manages to still preserve that theme moving forward.

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