Star Wars Resistance: “The Missing Agent” review

Amidst all the discussion about The Rise of Skywalker and The Mandalorian, Star Wars Resistance was back this week with the 12th episode of season two, titled “The Missing Agent”, and it was a very good installment that managed to raise the tension levels considerably.

Let’s dive in to our review!


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On a new planet, a Resistance agent named Norath Kev and his droid flee from a pursuer, sending out a distress call to the Resistance just before they are found by Ax Tagrin, a new bounty hunter. Tagrin kills the droid, and then we cut to the Colossus. Kaz intercepts the call for help and insists that he has to check it out despite Captain Doza’s reservations. Yeager says he’ll go too and that they have to help other Resistance members in need, like they would want if they were in that situation.

So Kaz, Yeager, Synara, and CB-23 head down to the planet to investigate. They trace the signal to the room where Norath sent out the transmission, and they find a datapad that reveals Norath’s mission: to spy on and track down people working with the First Order, including a vendor named Lechee (who by this point has already given the location of the new Resistance members up). CB-23 retrieves the information, but Ax Tagrin soon shows up and gives the heroes quite the fight. Synara engages Tagrin in combat while Kaz, Yeager, and CB escape, and Synara just barely manages to escape herself. The heroes corner Lechee demanding information, and he eventually tells them where Tagrin’s ship is docked.

Kaz, Yeager, and CB sneak onto the ship while Synara stands watch, and inside the ship they discover Norath… but also discover that it was a trap. The ship takes off with the Resistance members on board, and Tagrin contacts Commander Pyre of the First Order informing him that he has several Resistance members and is charging his usual rate. Synara steals a speeder and pursues the ship, while CB and the others manage to take down the ship – though causing devastating damage to CB and injuring Norath.

As the wounded heroes attempt to escape, Tagrin confronts them once more. Yeager engages him in a firefight, while Kaz tries a more hand-to-hand approach – neither of which work. Synara arrives and helps save Yeager from Tagrin, and soon Yeager and Synara team up to fight Tagrin and hold him off while Kaz and Norath flee to contact Doza for help. When they get ahold of Doza, however, he informs them that the First Order has already arrived. The episode ends as we see First Order ships heading down to the surface.


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I was quite surprised by this episode, because it’s the first time that I can remember in Resistance that I actually felt like our heroes were outmatched and in danger. Sure, they’ve faced hardships before, and they’ve faced challenges before, but this episode felt different. I mean, the heroes were beaten and battered and on the run. Even CB-23 is in really, really bad shape. And while everyone will probably turn out ok in the end, we didn’t get any sort of happy resolution in the episode. In fact, it ended with things getting worse. That’s a rarity for this show, and I think it’s a great direction to take – and that they pulled off this tense episode perfectly.

And not to spoil the next episode or anything, but a recent video teasing future episodes for the show included a brief scene of Yeager, Synara, and CB-23 being taken prisoner by Tagrin. So things might not get better right away.

Because of all of this, I think that Tagrin is a great character to introduce to the show. He’s only interested in getting paid, but he’s working for the First Order capturing Resistance members. He also poses a huge threat, and he’s quite skilled in combat as well. Yeager, Synara, and Kaz all got their moments fighting, yet couldn’t get the upper hand. Along those lines, I really did love how Kaz charged Tagrin with just a club-like weapon, trying to do whatever he could to stop him. It didn’t work, but I loved how Kaz was willing to try.

There’s not a ton to say about this episode, since it’s obviously the first part of a larger story that will be continued in next week’s chapter, but I thought that this was one of the first times the show was really able to make us feel the tension as the heroes were in danger. That’s a great accomplishment, and I’m glad that they’re also taking their time and telling a longer story rather than the usual “new story each week” format of the season so far. I kinda hope that this leads to some other Resistance members eventually coming to help, but we’ll see. It’s hard to fully judge this episode until we see what comes next, but I thought it was great.

My grade: 9.4/10

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