Brand new clip from The Rise of Skywalker released!

Today on Good Morning America, The Rise of Skywalker director J.J. Abrams debuted a brand new clip from the upcoming movie!

The 30-second clip is from the speeder chase scene on Pasaana, which we’ve seen glimpses of in various trailers and TV spots. Here it is:

I think this looks great. It has that fun feel to it, for sure. And this is also probably our first glimpse of John Williams’s soundtrack for the film, which I’m eagerly awaiting – and which likely marks his final venture to the galaxy far, far away.

This speeder chase probably takes place earlier in the movie rather than later, considering we’ve seen Pasaana heavily marketed so far. And this clip features a few of the shots we have seen in recent TV spots, including Rey turning and firing her blaster and the First Order bikes launching the jet troopers.

The jet troopers launching leads to a humorous moment, as Chewbacca gives a curious look, and then in the other speeder C-3PO exclaims, “Oh, they fly now!” Finn then turns and says, “They fly now?”, and Poe repeats it again. I take it that the First Order bringing jet troopers was a bit unexpected.

Another thing to mention is that it looks like this might be from the beginning of the speeder chase, as we see the two speeders racing away from the village on Pasaana (probably the same village where there’s a big celebration upon the heroes’ arrival), and a First Order jet trooper saying, “we’ve spotted the fugitives.”

Just 24 days now until we get to see the whole thing!

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