Report: Cassian Andor Disney+ series adds Rogue One writer Tony Gilroy as a writer/director!

We haven’t heard much about the Cassian Andor show lately, but today a report from Variety’s Joe Otterson says that Tony Gilroy has joined the show as a writer.

Variety reports that Gilroy will write the pilot episode of the series, but will also direct multiple episodes, working with showrunner Stephen Schiff.

Gilroy has had an accomplished career as a screenwriter and director, including writing the screenplays for the first four Bourne films, and directing the fourth one (which, coincidentally, was produced by Frank Marshall, Kathy Kennedy’s husband). He also wrote and directed the film Michael Clayton, for which he was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Original Screenplay.

Of course, for Star Wars fans, his most significant accomplishment is on Rogue One. Gilroy was brought on later in the process in 2016 to help a project that was in need of some significant work. He oversaw extensive changes and reshoots to the film, as we have heard from various reports that the final cut of the movie wound up being far different than the initial director’s cut from Gareth Edwards (especially the ending). It sounds like Gilroy was initially brought in to help with some things but saw his role just continue to expand as the film needed more help. He earned screenplay credit on the film, and in fact, it was reported that he made over $5 million for his work on the film. In many ways, it could safely be said that the amazing final product we know of as Rogue One wouldn’t have happened without Tony Gilroy; it would have been a far different film had he not stepped in and helped oversee things late in the process.

Since he wasn’t previously a Star Wars fan, Gilroy had previously said even after Rogue One that he had no intentions of returning to the galaxy far, far away, but obviously that has changed. So he’s joining the Cassian Andor show, and he’s going to write the pilot episode and then direct other episodes. I think that’s a great move, as it brings someone familiar with the character and with the film into the process of creating a prequel story for Cassian and K-2SO.

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